A little (now improved) AGC circuit I played with (designed to be simple not the best :) )

Also check out falstad circuit simulator ^^^

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@freemo So... a website that lets you build a circuit diagram and then simulates the circuits including oscilloscope output? That's freakin' crazy! My dad would have thought he died and gone to heaven. Except, well, he DID die, but he worked for Howard W. Sams and likely could see it coming someday.

Ah, the tools with which I would torment question asking curious children if we had them! Only I'd actually spend time with my kid and encourage finding and discovering answers. I see tools like this with the wonder of memories so long ago of my dad's tools to do this for real with a bread board.

@Romaq Its a nice little toy to play with for sure.. doesnt really do well in comparison to more professional simulators of course. But the approach to visualization is still very useful in its own right.


I take it this is free? Good enough to fit under, "lies we tell children" accuracy? Oh, and of course I would have to be sure a child understood "lies we tell children" with examples until I'm told, "Shut up! Please just lie to me. I get it!"

My server mates, including @mikmaqpeek, already know that one and the peril of asking me questions.

But just knowing these "toys" exist means so much to me!

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