If you do any sort of work where you have to strip tiny wires of 20 AWG or less I highly recommend you get yourself a precision wire stripper.

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@freemo Thanks - didn't know they existed.
I still miss the enamelled wire that would dissolve when soldered. Probably available from but I have enough wire-wap wire to make dozens of crystal set coils and tiny baluns ...

@freemo the times I've stripped thin wires only to discover I've taken most (sometimes all) of the strands off together with the insulation.

@cwh050 I know right... with these ifyou use them right you wont pull off strands... however if you dont you will.

Most people clamp down and pull, that will take wires. If you clamp down, then let go and pull the insulation off with your hand it wont take wires.

@freemo many years ago, when I was doing repairs, we sometimes had to add wire jumpers onto boards (back in the day when a lot of glue logic was used and that was a way to fix bugs). For this we had to use teflon coated ~28AWG stranded wire and used this tool for stripping You would put the wire in the jaws and spin the tweezers around until it pierced the insulation then pulled. I would not use this tool for anything else though ...

@foresterr that works too... the brand doesnt matter, i just find most people dont have strippers that go below 20 awg

@freemo fully agree, just thought I'd mention this model as it's more similar to "classic" stripping pliers designs (except for fine gauges), so some folks might like it better.


I've found that a finger nail or thumb nail works great depending on the thickness and hardness of insulation.

E.g., pinch the wire between your thumb nail and finger then pull. The thumb nail isn't strong enough to cut the wire but if the insulation is thin it will pull off easily.

@Pat I guess depends on the tjickness and type of insulation. good luck with thicker silicone insulations

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