What name do you like best for a non-profit community for Ham Radio? Think Apache incubator but for Ham plus other open-source services and resources for the community.

FYI I have both the dot com and dot org as well as the hyphenated and non hyphenated versions of the below. Please mention which variant you prefer in comments.

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It is already pork, im just making sure everyone knows how delicious it can be :)

@freemo *I* agree it is delicious, but not all do. When I think ham radio, I never think pork. Ham radio is it's own thing.

To name on that analogy seems too cute to little value, has downsides, distracts from the subject.


What names do you suggest?

Are you a significant contributor to both FLOSS and HAM? Floss has a history of cute mascots and names.. so I suspect someone in floss may appreciate the creative play on words more so than a non-floss ham operator who is used to windows programs that look like they were written for windows 3.1 with the hot dog theme :)

@freemo That is a hard question. Made harder by domain squatters.

I have no problem with fanciful. (I once named a serious fintech project after a cartoon character of my childhood.)

May go more random? Firing up a passward generator I wrote (a la I get match-popcorn-menu and dance-gyro-alfred and proxy-yellow-soviet and side-scale-bonjour and harbor-lava-random…

A pair of such words can be vivid, have nice allusions, and be available: isn't taken…

@kentborg It seems odd that your main objection to the original is has nothing to do with ham radio and detracts from the subject...

It would seem two random words have even less to do with ham radio (at least bacon is a play on words), so not sure how that addresses your criticism.

@freemo My problem is with ham==pork. While *I* don't have a problem with pork a large fraction of the people on this planet do. If people found popcorn offensive, then that would be a bad idea, too.


I dont know anyone who "has a problem with pork" or who is offended by the mere talk of porks existance, or even that it tastes good... Only thing i can think you might mean is jews and Musslims dont **eat** pork.. which is true, but they arent offended by the mention of pork either....

I guess id have to ask a religious jewish ham operator (or musslim) what their response would be... would be an interesting data point.

@freemo I suspect that even some non-observant Jews who love their bacon cheeseburgers maybe don't eat them on Rosh Hashanah and might prefer a pun on the meaning of "amateur" and not on "ham".

You asked for opinions, I gave mine.

@kentborg indeed you did, and I appreciate and welcome it. I'm just trying to spit ball on it.


I hated both choices. I'd hesitate anything with "ham" or similar in it because at this point it just looks stupid and like a joke only one person laughs at.

Just spitballing:

Free and Libre Amateur Radio Alliance. FLARA.

Open Source Amateur Radio Alliance. OSARA

Free and Libre Open Amateur Radio Alliance. FLOARA

Tux Open Radio Society. TORS

Computer/Coding Collaboration for Amateur Radio. CCAR

Amateur Radio on Open Source Systems. AROSS (play on ARISS)

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