What name do you like best for a non-profit community for Ham Radio? Think Apache incubator but for Ham plus other open-source services and resources for the community.

FYI I have both the dot com and dot org as well as the hyphenated and non hyphenated versions of the below. Please mention which variant you prefer in comments.


I hated both choices. I'd hesitate anything with "ham" or similar in it because at this point it just looks stupid and like a joke only one person laughs at.

Just spitballing:

Free and Libre Amateur Radio Alliance. FLARA.

Open Source Amateur Radio Alliance. OSARA

Free and Libre Open Amateur Radio Alliance. FLOARA

Tux Open Radio Society. TORS

Computer/Coding Collaboration for Amateur Radio. CCAR

Amateur Radio on Open Source Systems. AROSS (play on ARISS)



All great choices... ill think on that thanks...

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