WOOT! the sidekiq backlog is now at 0.6 million... so its 50% of the way through from its peak! finally I can get some sleep tonight.

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@freemo For me the only thing working is the local timeline. It is from here that I am able to stay updated on QOTO progress.

@freemo At 3am. *flashing red light and loud beep* Wake up! Wake up! Hurry! The server is down!

@jerry @paco

The follow that I was not able to approve came from, so the follow may have happened yesterday before I changed the settings.

Still seems like a problem because by the time I saw it, it was too late.

It was @cosmos

I have not followed back yet for debugging reasons.

Why does the following server get to decide what my settings are before I can see the follow?


QOTO just did a very major migration and our systems were backlogged. You likely just seed a delayed action.

@jerry @paco @cosmos

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