It is so cringe when i hear people hijack general less descriptive terms like "neurodivergent" to mean really silly arbitrary things like adhd and autism... we already have descriptive terms and that word already means something useful before you bastardized it.

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@freemo What makes you think that being #neurodivergent does not apply to #ADHD and #Autism?

What seems worse to me, as someone who strongly suspects that I have #ADHD (I'm not officially diagnosed yet), is when people refer to it as a "disability". I'm sure for many #ADHD people it is, but not for most.


Who said it doesnt apply. Neurodivergent is a term people are using to mean specifically being adhd and autistic. Under this usage you cant say "I am not adhd or autistic but i am neurodivergent" because the term is not being used in the general case.

For example someone once asked me "Are you neurodivergent" i said "Yes my way of thinking could be described as atypical" which didnt actually answer their question.

@freemo Hmm. I thought that #neurodivergent includes other things too like #DPD, is that not correct?


The "woke" usage of the term is for autism spectrum diseases, which they are trying to claim includes ADHD (and some doctors have speculated ADHD might be related to autism so its not completely out of left field).

But no it isnt typically used to describe any sort of mental disorder.

@freemo Well, I never thought it was supposed to describe the disorders. From how it's used colloquially it seemed to be more like an umbrella term. Kinda like how "humans" doesn't describe a group of people with any specificity, you just know that your referring to creatures that are not canines.


Yea that is the correct use of the term before the woke bastardized it.. it used to just mean anyone who thinks differently. But no its use these days are as a designer term for the cool kids because autism disorders are in the "in" thing now.

@freemo Oh I see what you're saying; the use of the word is narrowing in definition rather than broadening?

(I am running on like 4ish hours of sleep because I stayed up late working on a #MarchMadness bracket, pls forgive me for being so slow today lol)


Right they are taking a term with a general definition that is already descriptive and accurate into one that is narrowed to the point where it is absurd to replace other more specific descriptive words.

I am all for looking at all or most mental disorders as a kind of "neurodivergence", its only when this becomes a euphemism on the euphemism treadmill that it becomes cringe.

@freemo @realcaseyrollins Fwiw, I consider myself a member of the "woke" and I agree with your definition. It applies to anyone whose brain chemistry works significantly differently from neuronormative standards.


I wouldnt consider you woke in the derogatory sense. Though in the most positive sense of the word sure.


@freemo It's not a seizure, it's dwelling in the Pantheon of the gods.

@freemo Isn't it just a matter of how often "neurodivergent" is used in certain contexts? These being adhd and autism. Where does the narrowing down happen? Are people with ADHD who identify as neurodivergent actively excluding non-adhd people? I have yet to see an example of that. Inclusion is the goal. Inclusion contradicts exclusion.

Different matter but speaking of "the woke" is cringe to say the least.

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