I made a new thai friend. Now everytkme she sees me on the street i get a "meow" and she comes running over to me full speed for some cuddly head butts. She even lets me pick her up.

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You are of course welcome to add alt text in the comments. Not sure how this is helpful as is though.

@freemo Great to see, always a black cat. Just be careful, rabies is endemic in Thailand. You are looking at a visit to the local hospital if bitten or scratched to get rabies injections. I speak from painful experience both in physical terms and financial!!

@chrism this cat almost certainly doesnt have rabies. Far too sweet and seems healthy

@freemo yeah the black Soi cats are cute. We adopted one and make sure she regularly visits the vets for her vaccinations - whatever she needs. She has a lovely temperament. :ablobsmile:

@freemo @chrism

Nevertheless be VERY careful with 'soi' animals of any sort. It is estimated that in some parts of Thailand 40% of 'soi' dogs test positive for rabies and it doesn't take much for it to spread from a dog to a cat!

I spent 3 years living in Thailand and was unvaxxed against rabies but if I went there again, I would have a rabies vaccine before going.

I didn't see any dogs exhibiting symptoms of Rabies in Chiang Mai where I lived but I certainly did when I was in India where feral dogs are just as common!

@bonifartius There is an ongoing joke among my partners/employees. They believe I keep tuna/bacon in my pockets because whenever I am outside animals just flock to me for cuddles. Sometimes even pigeons just fly over and let me pet them (rarely)

@Tzipporah @bonifartius

Its happened t me like half a dozen times in my life where one just flys over and lets me cuddle it. So weird when it happens

@freemo i'd imagine a pocket full of tuna would be a bit smelly :P

have had the occasional cat or dog wanting cuddles, never a bird!

@freemo My cat did that to strangers but not to me. Ungrateful, she was.

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