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Cosmology Talks: Intrinsic Alignments – A Guide for All Cosmologists

I was just thinking this afternoon that I haven't posted recently any of the Cosmology Talks curated by Shaun Hotchkiss, then I looked and found that I had the perfect excuse for doing so. This particular talk is actually about one of the two new OJAp papers I announced in my previous post, i.e. “The IA Guide: A Breakdown of Intrinsic Alignment Formalisms…

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SN1987A, Past and Present

There's a new paper in Science featuring observations using the MIRI and NIRSpec instruments on JWST of Supernova SN1987a in the Large Magellanic Cloud. I couldn't resist doing a short post about this result, partly because the paper features Maynooth colleague Paddy Kavanagh, and partly because I'm old enough to remember when this supernova was detected, in 1987. In fact I was doing my PhD at the time.

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DES and the BAO Scale

I just saw a press release about new results from the Dark Energy Survey relating to measurements of baryon acoustic oscillations. These are basically the residue of the oscillations seen in the power spectrum of the cosmic microwave background (CMB) temperature distribution imprinted on the galaxy distribution. They are somewhat less obvious that the primordial temperature fluctuations because the growth of structure produces a much larger…

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An excellent, measured, insightful read from a sceptic …

“Even if MOND is wrong, that it works as well as it does is surely telling us something. I would like to know why that is”

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“How in God’s name can the US condemn Russia’s indiscriminate bombing of civilians in Ukraine as a war crime, and yet fund Netanyahu’s war machine which has killed thousands of children?”

Bernie Sanders is absolutely right. Feel the Bern:

For those interested in , there's a great site called Play online, matches analysed, tournaments, daily puzzles, great community of friendly players.

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"Her faşizmin arkasında başarısız bir sol vardır."

Walter Benjamin

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It is remarkable how many people think it is an intrinsically costly process to publish #OpenAccess articles.

It is not.

Publishing in traditional journals is expensive only because the profits made are huge. The actual cost is minimal.

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Belated #introduction #ComputerHistory

I'm a retired (3rd time) techie with an incredibly lucky career and family.

I'm most famous as being employee number 8 of #SunMicrosystems, and I got to work with the Bell Labs #UNIX team for a summer during the birth of V7 #UNIX.

My Silicon Valley career started with #Amdahl in 1978, followed by Sun for 12 years. I've since founded 4 startups (see profile).

I toot about #ComputerHistory; I've been there for much of it.

This year is in August (21st 22nd).

Official website 24 Heures du Mans | 21-22 august 2021

95 days, 6hours ... ... ...

Interesting ...

Solving the Hubble tension might require more than changing the early Universe | astrobites

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