I don’t know if it’s me having worked full-time for nine organisations already (five of them for-profit ), the industry itself having changed, me getting old and grumpy, or a combination of all of the above, but too often now, the typical start-up attitude feels almost disgusting to me.

The jargon, the buzzwords, the grandiose goals, the productivity hacks, the hyped substacks or podcasts, the cheesy taglines, the obsession with “growth” and “disruption”…

I still love and the , I think is still eating the world, and I believe in great organisations developing novel ideas with a net positive impact.

But “Silicon Valley”, which used to be a parody, became a docu-series with the passage of (little) time.

Perhaps it was always that way, and I’ve grown more mature. Or maybe things got worse.



I think you got it spot on with 1st comment here.

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