Currently testing on screenshot attached

Many of us have found DEEPL essential and never wanted to pipe any of our data and speech through Google.

I had my initial worries about "no google translate..." and well it uses DEEPL so that's sorted it seems!

Check website also if your server doesn't currently have translate:



I think you pay for API.
Not sure if I mentioned it about being free or no, more that the DATA passed through googles would be really BAD...

Here's some more info and quotes under

quoted below:

"...server admins need to get an API key with DeepL or LibreTranslate to enable it and those have limitations/costs. See: and

and @rajuct said:
Will the Apertium engine be available too in the future? Not all languages are on DeepL or LibreTranslate

Eugen said :
That software doesn’t seem to have an API, which means it’s not possible to integrate it.

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