@freeschool I suppose in hindsight I could have made the post title a bit more wordy but milk is already spilled so ...


@cwh050 Fair enough...

While here let me advert some personal work if interested
It's Fediverse lyrics and music together (no tricks!) ➡️ qoto.org/@freeschool/112473817

Hoping it gets points across in as text in music as plain text between people seems limited.

Any ideas or comments welcome... (about anything Fediverse! :fediverse: ).

Hate to sound desperate but those have time to increment the good are dying out since measurably professions that are allowed and sterilised don't really achieve what I want so there's a song about it and how we the Fediverse can increment almost anything ourselves ! ⬅️ :fediverse:

⌛ 👀 :fediverse: Use me!

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