One feature that seems obviously missing is the ability to add a CW to a post I choose to boost.

For example, if I see a post about politics and want to boost but I know people like having CW for politics posts.

Then it's only if the original post I am boosting has a CW, will it have one with my boost.

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So if I boost a politics post that doesn't have a CW, people may get mad at me because I would be putting politics posts out to people without a CW

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@garmark93 QOTO has a unique feature, where you can quote the post.. I need to test it but if you use that i thinnk you can CW it.

That said people can filter by hashtag and keywords.. Some people excessively CW but its become unnecessary. My recommendation is to leave CW for things that arent safe for work, spoilers, etc. Leave the filtering to the user to decide.

That said im sure some people might disagree with me here.

@freemo @garmark93 Oh, boosts are only really seen by your followers.

Quote-toots might be seen by the Fediverse at large.

Boosting isn't terribly harmful I'd say. The followers can toggle to not see boosts from you if they get fed up. Or just unfollow.

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