Did you ever notice students have their own interests and motivations, and that many are not as enamored with your curriculum as you are? I have... and those are the students we must work the hardest to engage with interesting problems and questions.

I myself teach programming to newbies and conduct workshops in my college, always find it difficult to show them the true beauty of the subject

@mur2501 But we keep trying! I appreciate the craft of coding... how do we get the computer to do what we want? is a challenge. Personally, I find coding frustrating because I'm a terrible typist, and I spend so much time searching for mistakes rather than coding :)

Once I tried this approach to teaching it where rather than showing them directly how it's done, I gave them erroneous codes and basically taught them the concept from the error messages the interpreter displayed. My purpose for this way of teaching was to make them comfortable with errors, as well as to inculcate the feeling that solutions are not always a one step process. one must correct little little errors to reach it :)

@garyackerman I suggest we also need to ask questions about which students really need to learn certain subjects. I'm suggesting that students have the chance to specialize there education earlier and that we take an honest look at what subjects are included in the curriculum.

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