Are these folks claiming that AI is conscious confident they can define it clearly? The last time I checked, we are really satisfied with the best definition.

Please prove me wrong.

I doubt that anyone seriously making this claim hasn't thought about that issue. (Admittedly the "seriously" there makes this a bit of a No True Scotsman!)

I may disagree with their opinion on the subject, but I don't think their error is as simple as not having thought about how slippery the concept is.

I think a typical response would be along the lines of "No, I can't define it exactly, but we routinely ascribe consciousness to each other on the basis of evidence that's relevantly indistinguishable from the evidence that I have about ChatGPT / Bard / whatever, so that ascription is equally correct."

(Also something seems to have gone wrong with your sentence 2 of 3 there; or at least I don't get it.)

@garyackerman I am less certain that humans have consciousness than AI.

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