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You know what we need in education?

Another reform initiative!


Here is your regular reminder: It is OK to ignore folks who have tired ideas we rejected a long time ago. You are not being “unfair” to them. You are being reasonable.

How you react when evidence suggests you are wrong tells us all we need to know.

Hyperbole is rampant when folks make predictions about technology. Maybe we all just take a breath and figure out how we can create the future we want.

We have been using Google Docs for years (decades?)

When will folks stop saying “it didn’t save?”

Darwin’s nickname on board the Beagle was “Philosopher” or “Philos.” :)

Charles Darwin responded to a claim that slaves answered they were happy when asked in the presence of their “masters” (please excuse my use of his language) but suggesting the answer was affected by their presence. Others rejected that possibility. 🤦‍♂️

i'm not sure about others, but those faculty who are modeling the appropriate use of generative AI in their fields are the ones to follow.

Access to computers is not sufficient to create effective lessons.

Here is your regular remonder: “I know educators, and you don’t want them running your network. I know IT folks too, and you don’t want them running your schools.”

What works to configure functional IT for users in a typical office setting and to keep user productive and not complaining may result in unproductive and complaining IT users in schools.

Radio, television, and movies were all supposed to transform teaching.

“As far as game design elements are concerned, games that present materials in a quiz format or drill and practice format do not engage learners” Yup, pretty much.

Yeah... I'm at that age where items on my "to do" list that don't have details can't be done because I have no idea what I meant.

Many types of human activity that contribute to cognition and improving capacity in any is learning. It isn't all about declarative memory.

Imagine educational outcomes in which the individual values what they have learned and are prepared to use it to address relevant problems in their own lives.

A Civil Rights Firestorm Erupts Around a Looming Surveillance Power Grab - WIRED

Variable practice finds learner practicing retrieval in different settings and situations.

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