Out of these two I’m not sure what’s my favourite. The BIGBIG Won enhanced original is feature packed and has 4 back buttons. But the Turtle Beach Recon has much better ergonomics and lots of sound options.

@gpowerf I play fortnite on pc and like using a mouse to aim and look around. I find usually the movement keys and control for crouch and shift to run and such to be awkward. If you don’t mind me asking, do you know of a movement and gun toggle/reload pad that works with a computer and mouse?

@flsounds I agree. Mouse and keyboard is generally better and I'm more used to it, but I've been playing Halo and in that specific game aim assist is so strong I find the pad nicer.

I don't know specifically, but I do wonder if I could play with the pad for movement and the two back buttons as you stated and the other hand controlling the mouse... I don't know how the game would react. Give me a sec :) I will try...

@flsounds OK, I gave it a quick try fighting enemies in campaign mode and you might be onto something. It isn't horrible! Now what the mappings should be is another question... But it does work!

The only odd thing is that the HUD keeps rapidly swapping between keyboard and mouse :)

I need to experiment further. I killed a fair few enemies. :)

@gpowerf I’m sure that by tweaking the controls and practicing it would be a formidable option. Thank you for taking the time to toot and test it.

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