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Discovering My Diagnosis
I've spoken with Lindsay Guentzel a couple of times about ADHD, both as a provider who helps people with this diagnosis and as a person who lives with the symptoms. Check out my episode of her podcast, Refocused Together, below. If you enjoy it, subscribe to hear even more people share their stories!

For more free resources, blogs, and webinars about ADHD, check out ADH

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Had a flat tyre on my #bicycle today.

Changed it and somehow managed to do something for my gears to stop working.

So I stopped by the #bike workshop and got the bike mechanic to fix it for me. Half an hour and $35 later my gears are running better than before.

Plus I think I learned how to sort them out myself next time.

So tonight my #gratitude is for friendly mechanics, simple fixable systems and cheap sustainable transportation.

#AKLBikeLife #paihikara #NoCarNoProblem

@ufoi I've updated my server Magpie's rules to reflect the Code of Ethics. Because it's such a small instance and I have a personal IRL relationship with all its users, I hadn't bothered to post official server rules before. It feels good to have the UFoI code there now.

Accidentally boosting something I really didn't even want to see in my feed feels remarkably icky.

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A reminder for anyone new to mastodon who might not be happy with some of the racist and bad actors out there on other servers... Just import the fediblock list to your personal blocks and you will be safe from the vast majority of bad actors.

I took all the domains from block list and put it in a csv file that can be imported so you can block all hateful ...
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Thank you for all the shares and what not on my last image. I don't have a clue what I'm doing this far on here but I'll keep sharing my images and bumble my way through it. Isle of Skye, Sligachan. #scotland #photography #landscape #sunset #mountains #isleofskye

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I cannot even begin to imagine the reasons why Orthonevra flies have chaotic wavy lines in their eyes. But that someone gave a toddler the blueprints and a marker sounds about as good as anything else.

#diptera #insects #photography

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I very recently learned that the term “boycott” comes from someone’s actual name: Charles Boycott. Boycott was an English land agent who tried, in 1880, to collect unpayable rents from Irish peasants on behalf of an English aristocrat landlord. When he failed to collect the rents, he tried evicting the tenants. The Irish Land League responded with a campaign to ignore Boycott’s orders and isolate him socially and economically.

They not only ignored his eviction orders and threw manure at his process servers, but refused to deliver his mail or sell him food.

It was pretty effective—the British government eventually had to deploy a thousand soldiers (naturally, because the state works for the propertied class and none more than the 19th century British state) at a cost of some £10,000 to harvest £500 worth of crops. Boycott had to be evacuated by the soldiers, who even had to drive him out, as no locals would agree to drive his carriage out of the region.

Imagine being cancelled so hard that your name becomes permanently associated with getting cancelled.

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Well I am absolutely beside myself with excitement to discover #mosstodon & #lichensubscribe!

Here are my humble contributions, some #Umbillicaria, #Bryum, #moss encrusting a chunk of former pengiun and #Xanthoria from Casey Station, Antarctica 🇦🇶

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"89 years have passed since Thomas Parnell (...) wanted to demonstrate to the students the liquid nature of pitch. When it is cold, this material is so hard it could be hammered; nonetheless it is still a liquid. Now, to show that a material is liquid, there is nothing better to pour it into a funnel to see it drip. In fact, the pitch really does that: however, a little slower than the liquids we are used to. Today those students (who in the meantime we presume graduated, besides those as dense as the pitch) have seen just 8 drops falling, with the patient yet incessant rate of a drop every six-twelve years.
Mainstone took charge of the experiment on his 2nd day of work, in 1961, and today still waits to see his first drop fall: the poor man was never present when it happened.
Unfortunately, even if a drop takes a few lustra to form, it only takes 1/10 of a second to fall - 3 billions times less than what it takes to become a drop. The probability of catching the moment in which the drop falls are quite low, especially if you think that people have other things to do - sleeping, taking a shower, combing their hair and go out to dinner with their friends, presumably laughing if some of them complains of how boring their job is.
Thinking he was clever, in the '90s Mainstone installed a webcam in front of the funnel, to record all day and night and finally assist to the moment a drop falls, if not live, at least on streaming.
But destiny had been twice as cruel with this man.
First, causing a malfunction to the camera exactly that night in 2000 in which the drop number 8 met its fate and fell from the exit of the funnel. Then, allowing a camera, at last, to record the moment a drop succumbed to the law of gravity, and eventually fell.
But not in Brisbane.
Instead, exactly on the other side of the globe: in Oxford, where in 1944 an analogous experiment to the Australian one was set up.
The 70-years-old Mainstone, however, does not surrender; he has already found among his colleagues of Queensland someone who, after his death, will keep following the experiment."

- Marco Malvaldi, "L'infinito tra parentesi"

Translation by me, because apparently this book has not been translated in English so I apologize for any eventual mistake. It's 1:23AM, I'm tired but I truly wanted to share this piece from a book I'm loving. I can't wait to finish it so I can write a decent review. It's truly a pity that we don't seem to have an English version of this book.

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One of the best feedback comments I've ever gotten? It came from my kid, who said that this test output looked like "Unicorn Barf"

#datavis #DataVisualization #CreativeCoding #parenting

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