Huh, didn't really realize this was a thing, make sense though. Its pretty cool from a censorship evasion standpoint, although it seems the consolidation of the internet is having some ill effects between certain governments and major providers.

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I hope if I'm ever intelligent enough to be a chemist, and I work with that and die, then when they find my body they will say: "He got FOOFed"


He is correct of course. He also spelled his name right.

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I just found this software to model your apartment in, and I'm just blown away by it. It's GPL3, and packaged on NixOS.

You can even walk through the flat and open doors!!


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LibreOffice 6.4 is nearly here – and in the meantime, our documentation community has been updating the guides! For instance, the guide for the Math module is already available: blog.documentfoundation.org/bl


I'd imagine you could probably set up a honeypot situation and just have a bunch of important sounding files for idiots to encrypt with ransomware. Eventually they would probably try to use your machine as a VPN or Tor endpoint if they didn't notice immediate activity, and you could strike and see if you could brick their machines with one of those insane viruses that exists in firmware so wiping the machine cant remove it. I'd pay to see that.


Niiicee. I too, enjoy avoiding work whenever possible and reading about open source. What did you add my friend?


Well, while all that is true, as we can see there are prices for *not* migrating as well.

If you need training for your users on modern web browsers, you need new users.

I see all this zero day stuff about IE, they can't fix it, it's actively exploited, they are frantically working on a patch, etc... And the first thing I think is: You deserve it. If you aren't someone who is too old to understand better (the only place I'll cut you slack) and you still use IE, then your organization needs to feel pain until you are forced to actually upgrade to a different browser.

It's not acceptable to think some crappy 90s to early 2000s webpage you built internally will work forever, anymore than you can drive your car for 900000 miles and not expect problems. You've had plenty of opportunities, and you failed to actually upgrade because your company is so paralyzed with bureaucracy or cheapness to develop anything new. At a certain point, your business or agency needs to fail, because while fires are bad and no one likes them, they are also a natural process whereby mountains of decaying trash gets removed.

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True tech nerddom utopia is thirty devs in a room all using different linux distros and arguing about which one is best

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Verifying that the Update is done?

Windows Key -- Updates -- View Update History.

In the list, you should see an entry similar to this one. The KB (Knowledge Base) number could be different, as it is a different patch and KB issue for the different sub-versions currently out there.

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* Regarding the Windows 10 January Vulnerabilty and the Importance of patching it! *

The NSA came out in public to announce this vulnerability, a sign of their concern and how serious this could potentially be.

Microsoft has made patches for the various versions of Windows affected.

However -- it's possible that your own machine hasn't received the update yet, as there sometimes other pending updates, etc and things might get blurry.

A user has posted a direct link to the Microsoft Advisory page for this, and the page has links to each of the correct fixes to be downloaded and applied, depending on what version of Windows you have running, the patch level, processor type (x86 32 bits, or x64 64 bits ones)

Please consider checking your own system - and manually getting and installing the proper patch if not installed yet.

Steps I would suggest :

1. Find out the current Windows version you have running. This might very even if you do have Windows 10 running. Open a commmand line --> Windows button, then type "Winver", which will run a Windows Version program, that displays on a new window your current system info.

2. Write down the Version and processor type. E.G., version 1809 64 bits, or 1903 32 bits, etc.

3. Open the Microsoft Advisory page here : portal.msrc.microsoft.com/en-U

4. Locate the proper version of patch for your system -- based on the current version level you are running.

5. Click on that type, and a new window will open, offering download options. Select the file with the proper processor architecture to match yours; either x86 which is for 32 bit versions, or x64 for 64 bit versions (more likely on newer computers and laptops).

6. Click on the correct file and it will download. It is a LARGE file, so wait until it's completed.

7. Once the download is completed, you can click on the file and allow it to install as a "manual update".

8. Since the patch files are fairly large, the installation will take a bit of time. Wait for it to finish, you can do other tasks while waiting.

9. Once it completes installing, it will prompt you for a Restart. Do it. Now.

10. Done? It will reboot, installing the patches during the shutdown process.

11. Verify the Install? You can go into the Windows -- Updates -- Show Update History list, and you should see a new update with today's date installed in the list.

Good luck, and please make sure to have all your home and work machines updated ASAP...

@design_RG @82wrangler

Its a bit ridiculous. If they want to go all "6 degrees of Kevin Bacon"y on people, then they should set up a trial for themselves first. For knowing a guy that knows a guy that might have known Trump at some point.

I'm new to Mastodon, but I did a bit of research before joining and it seems this is / was a haven many of the people tired of the overarching portrait of society on Twitter fled to, particularly on the left. Gab was the haven for those on the right, and they were usually banned instead of self selecting out of the Twitter ecosystem like the leftists.

I understand the desire not to talk to banned shitposters all day, so I get their desire to isolate themselves.

I just want the freedom to manage my own choices, and I'll block Gab (and the numerous and ever larger porn instances) as soon as I am competent enough to do so. (Since the Federated Timeline is a bit.... schizophrenic... its not something I visit often anyway)

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Climate may play a bigger role than deforestation in rainforest biodiversity

"Save the rainforests" is a snappy slogan, but it doesn't tell the full story of how complicated it is to do just that. Before conservationists can even begin restoring habitats and advocating for laws that protect land from poachers and loggers, ...

phys.org/news/2020-01-climate- #biodiversity #climatecrisis #climateemergency #pollution #environment #deforestation

Very happy to see OpenStreetMap is active on Mastodon!

For reference to my friends in Qoto, OpenStreetMap is a reservior of high quality street data for use in various applications. Its one of the best examples of an open source community managed GIS project.


Here is a link to their Mastodon page, which until a couple of seconds ago I didn't realize existed.

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I've been kind of excited that whether we get Sanders *or* Warren it would be a nice first chance for some real progressive policies from the white house in my lifetime, but I'm kind of worried given the recent growing rivalry between supporters is maybe what we'll end up with is Biden winning, which would be not great

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