L - Lesbians aren’t shooting things up.
G - Gays aren’t shootings things up.
B - Bisexuals aren’t shooting things up.
T - Transgender people aren’t either.
Q- Queer people are safely on the list.

It’s radicalized right wing fascist MAGAs that are shooting things up.
Republicans are a bigger and more widespread threat to children.

Speak up now, because they may come for you next.


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@niggi@twitter.com Ich kann das Gespräch von Prince Harry mit Stephen Colbert von heute Nacht empfehlen.

Colbert hat als kleiner Junge seinen Vater und Brüder verloren. Das Gespräch über Verlust und Trauer ist bemerkenswert


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“In #Finland, the number of homeless people has fallen sharply. Those affected receive a small apartment and counselling with no preconditions. 4 out of 5 people affected make their way back into a stable life. And all this is CHEAPER than accepting homelessness.”

Make sure everyone understands this — It’s costing us far too much to NOT provide housing and supports to those who are homeless.


#homelessness #cities #housing #HousingFirst

Twitter / Musks poll results in majority voting for him to step down as twitter head. 

Twitter: journalists reporting on Musk suspended, Mastodon account suspended too 

The Guardian (unofficial)  

Twitter: journalists reporting on Musk suspended, Mastodon account suspended too 

Twitter hat anscheinend die Konten mehrerer Journalist*innen gesperrt, die über Elon Musk berichtet haben. Man muss sich wirklich fragen, ob #Twitter noch der richtige Ort für Journalist*innen und für unabhängigen #Journalismus ist. Was denkt ihr? tagesschau.de/ausland/twitter-

#WM-Aus Deutschland 

Die lieben Journalisten: Jeder soll Gender-inklusive Sprache benutzen, aber dann wird es denen unheimlich, wenn innerhalb des Teams gedutzt wird. 🤦‍♂️


#thirdle 233 4/6 

Close once again is not there. For some letters there are just too many possibilities…

Holy hell my reddit post about gargron is only 10 minutes old and already has 2 awards and a dozen upvotes.... here we goooooo


A thunderstorm as seen from Space ..A towering thunderstorm lights up the night skies over Panama, as seen at 37,000 feet..Photo by Santiago Borja.

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