I had an idea for a new hash tag that would go beautifully with the QOTO mentality of bringing people with opposing views together. We can call it or for short.

It will be a day where you show the things you appreciate about the other side of the spectrum.

For example if your liberal then you post something you respect about conservatives, if your conservative you post something you respect about liberals.

Each person who wants to participate should try to post one or more a day and when you see someone post something complimenting a group you are in try to respond with a similar back at them!

I'd love to hear everyones thoughts, if you all like it I can try to kick it off.

@freemo Skeptics are alright to me, they are usually just not well informed, at least the ones I met. Even they'll admit the importance of having a healthy ecosystem thriving with life and providing us water, air and food anyway.

@freemo Yeah, but I still wouldn't know what's the opposite of environmentalist =D

@arteteco Well I think that is the closest to the opposite I can think of. People who dont think global warming and environmental damage is a big concern.

@freemo @arteteco

As long as the argument is about an understanding, or opinion based on agreed upon facts that would work.

That is the sticking point, though- Facts. You can argue interpretations of facts, but the facts will still remain facts.

@Surasanji The problem is all humans can ever have are opinions.

Facts certainly exist but every human has their own opinion on what is or is not a fact.

The world would be much easier if there was some mythical authority who dictates what is what :)

@freemo @arteteco I'm not sure I can agree with that statement.

Mathematics, for instance, is more fact than opinion as I understand it. I know there are some areas that are just way out there and I certainly don't understand those things- nor do I have an opinion on it.

But 2+2=4. That's a fact and I'm 99.9% certain that is not an opinion.

@Surasanji Proofs are the closest you can get to "fact" but even those are often found out to be wrong later. So I'd say thats still an example of people having an opinion that something is a fact.



@freemo @Surasanji @arteteco This is where the study of tribal psychology comes into play. We are wired to be good members of our tribe above anything else. They've done studies multiple times that indicate that as soon as something becomes an issue of "us vs them," people will believe outright lies because it's just what our brain does. So you can argue facts all day long but the real issue is tribalism.

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@hashtaggrammar @freemo @Surasanji @arteteco While this may be a good description of the problem, what's the solution? And is it even really a problem or will that tribalism just motivate both sides?

@comphys @hashtaggrammar @freemo @arteteco Maybe make the tribe bigger? How would we create that social construct, though?

Can you point out some work?

I mean, there is some resistance to new ideas, and that is quite obvious from the history of science itself, but eventually the truth emerges.
Regardless of whatever your opinion is, you have to go to incredible lengths to go, say, against the cell theory.
We can see cells, we know a great deal about cells, I don't see how you can easily deny the existance of cells.

I'm not saying psychological biases has a role, but saying that it's the "real issue" seems a bit of an overstatement to me. Interpretation of data seems way more of a difficulty.

@freemo @Surasanji

@arteteco @freemo @Surasanji

I learned about the topic through the podcast You Are Not So Smart, episodes Tribal Psychology and Uncivil Agreement.

This is all in terms of the political sphere, because politics divides us into "us vs them." Science is science and facts are facts. But each gets skunked once it's politicized. If you can make sure that cell theory doesn't enter the political sphere, no one will claim we don't see cells. But if it's a "liberal" issue, then conservatives will find ways to say it's all a conspiracy. Case in point: flat earthers.

What's encouraging is everyone believes scientific findings when it's presented objectively. Then it's just the issue of making sure the science is sound...which is a separate topic!

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