Somewhere over the Rainbow - Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwoʻole

I might like it even better than the classic version by Judy Garland.

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Matthew Barber with Jill Barber "Where The River Bends"

My favorite Canadian singers. They are brother and sister and normally perform solo but they sing together here.

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He Made a Woman out of Me

There are various covers of this song but this is the one I like best.


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Caro Emerald & The Grandmono orchestra - Bad Romance

The original by Lady Gaga is great but this cover is even better.


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@herid I definitely like it more. Was on one of my playlists years ago, but I played it out.

@herid I really enjoyed this. I put it on at the gym and got lost in the music for a bit.

@flsounds glad you enjoyed it. it is certainly a tune to get lost in.

@herid Blast from the past. I enjoy the sound, but I'm chuckling at the FBI look, definitely some sort of government job, eh?

@herid One of my absolute favourites by PS & I’ve requested this album on vinyl for Christmas. Thanks for sharing! 🎶

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