Home? Local? Federated? I have some learning to do. 🧐

Home: immediate serve(your home)
Local: servers yours is connected to (your neighborhood)
Global: their connections or choice connections of yours (state-wide)

Fediverse: Universe (all countries, regardless of connection)

@lucifargundam Thanks so much! Just trying to figure out how to search for accounts to follow as I had done on Twitter.


If you can't find an account you _know_ exists, chances are someone in your timeline blocked them or their server.

@lucifargundam @hikerfromva

Home is people you follow and your responses.
Local is everybody on the server you're on posting publicly.
Federated is all the other servers this server's connected to, it can get quite spammy.

Hope that Ivory for iOS supports some of the extra features this server has to offer. For example 65k characters instead of the default 500.

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