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The “cancel culture” and anti-“wokeism” moral panics rely on a complete inversion of the actual balance of power, portraying traditionally marginalized groups as mighty forces that urgently need to be reined in – and those in elite positions as desperately in need of protection. (Thread - 1/)

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El nivel de conspiranoia que estoy leyendo en redes sobre el tren de Ohio está alcanzando cotas ya de gorrito de papel de plata.

"El Chernobil americano que la prensa nacional e internacional te están ocultando". "Están arrestando a periodistas que intentan investigar".

Lo último: "el gobierno federal está derribando globos sonda para evitar que tomen mediciones del desastre desde el aire" y "BlackRock ordenó quemar los tanques".

Ya. En serio. STAHP.

@Shine_McShine mi familia, muy de izquierda e informada, con ls narrativa de la conspiración y Chernobyl. Y yo intentando explicar que no nos ocultan nada, solo desvían nuestra atención del principal problema: los monopolios, sus acciones y unos sistemas de seguridad ferroviarios anteriores a la Segunda Guerra Mundial. Me encantó el hilo de @pluralistic al respecto:

@emilcar Que tal va? Lo has podido comparar con el editor nuevo de Adobe Podcast? Parece que todos los editores están poco a poco subiéndose al carro de editar sobre texto en lugar de el audio directamente.

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@simonbs your home got too smart and now doesn’t want to work anymore.

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Wow. La placa de Anatolia se ha desplazado 3,5 metros a causa del #terremoto del sur de #Turquía, tal y como se puede apreciar en estas fotos:

(via: reddit/r/europe)

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Sin leer el artículo:

Me juego el cuello a que los MIERDAS de El Confidencial llaman "laboralistas" a cuatro abogaditos de bufetes sicarios de empresas.


Faltan lanzallamas.

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Keynes en 1930: "para el 2030 los avances en productividad y automatización conseguirán que los trabajadores solo tengan que trabajar 15 horas a la semana".

El capitalismo a las puertas de 2030:

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Launching Draftodon - a @drafts Action Group for Mastodon 🚀
Finally finished the first version for #Draftodon - now you can easily integrate Drafts with #Mastodon

The Action Group should be really easy to use and allows you to post or schedule different types of statuses to Mastodon. It includes some helpers for composing posts and also tools to view or edit scheduled posts.

You can download the Action Group from the Drafts Directory:

🚀🚀🚀 [1/4]

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It's so weird to see people cheering on tech layoffs because they believe tech workers get paid too much and don't work hard enough, but then also cheering on billionaires laying them off because they apparently do deserver the money and do work hard enough. Like, there's literally a wealth threshold where you go from "overpaid" to "how dare you question this man, the amount of money he has means he is completely infallible". It's like a tabletop exercise in coming up with the wrongest possible take on wealth inequality.

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You can help make trans kids
happy and health.
or you can make trans kids
miserable and isolated.

You cannot make trans kids cis

@foodnoms Now my shortcut works amazingly well! It’s better than before because even when I log my breakfast meal past 9:00 it can still log it as breakfast.
Thanks for being so responsive and the prompt update!

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A new update came out yesterday with lots of bug fixes, a few minor features, and a brand new app icon by @gn!

See changelog and update here:

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So you may have noticed that the Twitter login of is not working at the moment.

According to twitter, the app “has violated Twitter Rules and policies”. I can’t tell much more at the moment since the email they mention never arrived in my inbox.

@robertroybritt @medium First, the planet won’t sustain it. There wouldn’t be population replacement. No kids, no new people. We would need to colonize other worlds to achieve it. And then, at what stage of our life we end up living? Forever old? Forever teen? Forever 30-50 years old? And it probably will be expensive to pay. Only people with access to lots of money would be able to afford it. Another hit to those struggling, which will be now “finite” vs the immortal rich. Sounds distopic 2/2

@robertroybritt @medium molecular biologist here. As much as it sounds appealing, I can say that living “forever” won’t come without drawbacks. Some effects of aging can’t be reversed or avoided, so even if we could extend cell life forever by countering the mechanisms that lead to aging there are parts of us that won’t be able to repair or keep up. In the end it won’t be forever, and it will be painful. And even if we break all barriers to aging, I’m not sure I would like to live eternally. 1/2

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