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This is super crazy and at the same time looks extremely interesting. It looks great for checking what your favorite people you follow did on Mastodon the past few days.

From: @terhechte

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I've had the idea for a weird kind of Twitter client for years. With Mastodon being all open, I've decided to do the experiment:

What if your Timeline looked like iMessage. A normal timeline confuses me to no end because everything is out of context.

My experiment, Ebou, is a Mastodon client that looks like iMessage. Conversations are grouped by friends and sorted by recent postings.

It is super basic right now, but this already feels much more natural to me 😀

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Hello Friends,

Wanted to make a note that our current roadmap is on our website:

We are a small company of 3 people and only 1 of us replies on this account. Between all the emails and messages here, it's hard to always answer everyone, but we do our best. If your question doesn't get answered here, it's not because we don't care. It's just impossible to always be around to answer everyone. Feel free to send us an email if you don’t get a response here. Thank you! 🙂

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some people don’t want to climb the corporate ladder, even if they used to.

some people don’t want to go “above and beyond.”

some people want less responsibility, not more.

some people want to do the job they were hired to do and be done.

there is *nothing* wrong with this.

we need to normalize language like this. you don’t have to work 90 hours a week to be “dedicated.” you don’t have to love your job. you CAN be in it just for the paycheck. that’s literally what a job is: payment for services.

this rhetoric of “what success looks like” is a falsity we have been tricked into believing to maximize corporate profits. success looks different depending on who and when you ask… sometimes success is getting up in the morning, and sometimes it’s getting promoted. it’s all relative, and we need to remember that.

#Friday #Thoughts #Work #Life #BeKind #Success

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#Podcast Exclusivity Is Quickly Becoming an Outdated Strategy

I love how much podcasts hold on to RSS and the open web (for the most part).

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Que esto se produce al mismo tiempo que DeSantis ha ordenado la retirada de los libros de las escuelas.

No de libros, no. De TODOS los libros hasta que el comité censor (no es coña) pueda evaluar cada uno de ellos y aprobar la nueva visión purgada de la realidad.

Pero luego somos unos exagerados por calificarles de nazis

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@charliemchapman maybe it’s time to update this to change twitter for mastodon? That by itself will be worth the subscription 🙃

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We now actually have confirmation rent isn't being paid at Twitter HQ (previous headlines mistook a different SF office where rent wasn't being paid for HQ). HQ is where Elon himself works.

I cannot for the life of me understand how the landlord is resisting the temptation to physically have Elon Musk, second richest man in the world, thrown out of their building in front of news cameras.

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Today I learned from @0xabad1dea that a lot of large solar farm owners use sheep herds to maintain their grass and they're called solarpunk sheep and life seems a little better. 🤘

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Stanford: we discourage postdoc unions. Moreover, you guys have the highest salary in the Bay Area!
Meanwhile, my wife at UCSF, with a postdoc Union: earns 300$ more, has twice the paid leave days and matchable 401k.
Unionize! If companies spend hundreds of millions to deter unionizing is because it works.

Stanford: nos esforzamos en bloquear los intentos de los postdoc en sindicalizarse. Además, no os quejéis que tenéis el salario más alto de la zona!
Mientras, mi mujer en la Univerdidad de California, con sindicato de postdocs: gana 300$ mas al mes que yo, tiene el doble de días libres y un plan de pensiones decente (matchable 401k).
Moraleja: sindicatos everywhere! Si no funcionaran, las empresas no se dejarían cientos de millones en bloquearlos.

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There are no longer any significant ideological differences between mainstream Republicans and Nazis. To post this on the same day as two mass shootings against the Asian community...

(They've since changed the headline but here it is archived:

Well, this was an easy purchase decision. Congrats to @ivory !

@foodnoms Hi! Since I updated to the last version one of my shortcuts is behaving differently, and I don’t know if it’s intentional or a bug. I log my breakfast through a “Log meal” action and it used to log it as “breakfast” and now as a “morning” meal. Could it work as before, or maybe add an option to the shortcut action to choose which meal (breakfast, lunch, snack…) a meal log is?

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Y conste que estoy medio contenta con las "redadas" a las consultoras.

Para estar contenta entera los inspectores deberían haber metido fuego a los cuatro edificios.

Con los curritos fuera, claro.

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