"I am silent, save the soft clack of my keyboard. I ponder deeply over the current quandary; progress has been slow of late, and late it is indeed.

Drip, rumble: the sounds of rain outside my window softly caress the ragged corners of my mind with the temptation of a dark, warm shower to cut off the assault on my senses. I know even in my damp solitude I cannot escape my yoke, for my mind continues to pull it.

Piano notes flit gently like moths drawn to my ears. They hit their targets with unexpected force, each chord jolting my fraying psyche into focus anew, if only for a brief moment. I continue working as I have done all day: beyond my limit.

Thoughts of sleep haunt me, the desire for true repose I don't believe will come; only a poor facsimile which provides barely enough to complete another day.


The question echoes in my mind. After hours of staring at a blinking cursor, and countless error messages, I fail to steel myself into action. I am finally still.

After what seems like both an instant and eternity, I decide rest may prove more fruitful, and head to sleep. Before my drift into that all too temporary bliss, I pray I will finally awaken with renewed vitality."

--My life right now 😩 😭


Ah. I just played video games because I was out of ideas. Now I feel guilty. 😅

@jmw150 @johnabs
Hehe, that's normal but playing shorter games helps get the moment done, lose a game (chess, 10min games) and do things in short like that as a reset and get back into the real battle soldier!
Happy to chat anytime about strategy (of life!).

@freeschool @jmw150 I'm on 5 research projects (some with collaborators who've decided to bail last minute), teaching a course with minimal help from the new instructor, and taking a course as well.

That little blurb has been my life since mid march...I'm so tired 🥲


@johnabs @freeschool

Yeah, you can really go ham here. It is like researcher city.

Only about a month left of this semester. Hang in there buddy. :ablobcheer:

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