Wait so if Gab isn't on the Fediverse any longer, is there a likelihood of QOTO reconciling with the instances that blocked us for not blocking Gab?

@khird Did they announce the change of protocol and implement it already?

We had a nice discussion thread about it the other day.

@design_RG Right, I'm not seeing Gab on the federated feed (and I haven't for a couple days to memory at least) so I think they're gone. I was more curious about the isolators' next steps. Having won the war, will they roll back the measures affecting instances like QOTO?

@khird That is a really good question - and I will enjoy watching the developments.

A lot of those people had hard feelings against the instance, or were aggravated with the admin. So I think there's bad blood and it won't be a quick heal.

I am glad if they are gone, a good thing; they were isolated and so little passed into the larger Fediverse, but yet the patrols were out, drumming people to be put against the wall. That FediBlock hash tag is completely disgusting.

Maybe tagging IsolateGab might provide us an answer to this question?

@realcaseyrollins @khird

Good idea, let's invite @isolategab -- Hello, do we have any official news of Gab disconnecting from Fediverse for real now?

Thank you!

@realcaseyrollins @khird I went looking at their profile and there's little new posts, after that extensive discussion a week ago or so, linked above.

@khird Went to check and here's what it shows at --

and the same is also shown for their other URLs.

@khird ghahaha .. no. That's not how it works on Fedi. Your past crimes determine your precrimes.

@jula @khird @design_RG

One would think, and its a good argument to make. But I dont honestly think we are dealing with reasonable thinkers looking for reasons to federate with anyone who might possibly have a difference of opinion on a single subject.

I hope so.. but I wouldnt really get my hopes up too high.

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