Hey @dragfyre, for some reason, I only see a small subset of @bahai's and @bahai_wiki's posts from my account, but many more (I presume all of them) when I visit the page directly in a browser. The problem seems to have started around 4 March 2020. Do you have any idea what might be happening here?


I think there might be Federation restrictions at the side -- I had noticed one of my Followed accounts from there disappearing from my feeds.

visited and read their About/more pages and there's NO disclosure of their blocking or silencing policies or affected instances. Maybe contact their admin with an enquiry? is the one.

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You'll notice that the odd post does still come through - there was one today, in fact, which is what prompted me to investigate since I had previously thought the bot was deactivated when I stopped seeing its posts regularly. I also retain my status as a follower of these accounts, which is normally not possible if a block is in place. This makes me think we're not subject to such a restriction.


Yeah that's some weeeeeiiird stuff right there, and I agree that it's probably an issue with federation, but what kind I'm not really sure. I am a bear of very little brain when it comes to that kind of thing. Would be worth checking with @muffinista I suppose.

@khird @muffinista
The plot thickens... I can see from your follow page that you're following both accounts, but you don't show up on the followers page of either one.

Would this by any chance have something to do with the #Unicode in your nick? I notice that most of the notifications I get from you are backwards, so you must have a Unicode RTL character in it. Maybe has problems with that?


Perhaps! The Unicode was only in my display name, not in my unique handle, so I'd be a little surprised but I've changed it and we'll see what happens.


To follow up here with my experimentation:
1. I removed the Unicode from my display name this morning, at @dragfyre's recommendation.
2. I also defollowed and refollowed the wiki bot, but not the quote bot, in response to the discovery that I wasn't listed on the followers page of either.

I just recently checked the results, both bots having posted once in the meantime:
1. My home timeline contains the post made by the wiki bot in that interval, but not that made by the quote bot.
2. Similarly, the wiki bot's profile shows the new post viewed from within QOTO, but the quote bot's profile does not. Both posts of course appear on the website.
3. Posts dated between 4 March and this morning are still absent, however (i.e. there is no retroactive fix).
4. I also checked an unrelated account on which I have never followed, and I discovered that it too lacks any recent post when viewed from within QOTO.
5. I now appear as a follower on the wiki bot's list, but still not the quote bot's.

From these results I infer that:
1. New posts from unfollowed accounts are not propagating correctly from to QOTO.
2. Until about 4 March 2020, content propagated correctly.
3. either forgot follow relationships originating from QOTO, or believes these relationships were cancelled.
4. As a consequence of 3, even posts made by followed bots do not reliably propagate to QOTO.
5. Explicitly refollowing an account makes QOTO aware of its posts from that point forward, but not retroactively.

I think this federation problem will require intervention on the part of the admins to resolve. I don't know which end that needs to occur on, but I hope @freemo and @muffinista will succeed in working things out. Circumstantially, 4 March was significant on QOTO due to our dustup with on that date, but it's unclear if or how the events associated with that conflict could have affected federation with In case examining the current state is useful to the admins, I will wait a few days (and longer if requested) to defollow/refollow @bahai.

My thanks to @dragfyre and @design_RG for their assistance in troubleshooting this.

@design_RG @khird @dragfyre @freemo @bahai it's definitely a bit of a head-scratcher. qoto isn't blocked, and I can see valid requests from the server in's server logs. so everything seems fine? it's weird


Yes, it is indeed strange. I've tried flushing and restarting stuff here too.

@design_RG @khird @dragfyre @bahai

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