@peterdrake Not according to the documentation:

Mastodon’s full-text search allows logged in users to find results from their own toots, their favourites, and their mentions. It deliberately does not allow searching for arbitrary strings in the entire database.

Note that QOTO also has bookmarks in addition to favourites, which allows you to mark a post for later on without notifying others. Bookmarking a post also makes it searchable.

@khird @peterdrake
Would be great to be able to search other people's posts - even if it would need follower permission from others to avoid being over-used or even an extra permission on top....
People like this could do desperately with search possible on their profile:

@feditips has 100's Mastodon tips as posts but people can't search it so they end up asking him again >_<

And people like me about business and money tricks... they too could just search "money" or other keywords to get the best of my collection...

Also cuts out the crap from profiles (and allows people to understand the rest after they realise there is logic and reasoning to the post count).

Let me know what you think anyway...

Oh yeah I made a post full of Mastodon suggestions but even not for suggestion just other people's software, projects and general profile would be good to search for existing answers and interests etc....

@freeschool you're talking to the wrong guy. I'm just a mod, which means my job is dealing with reports and removing content that violates our rules. Eugen is the author of the Mastodon software, and he's explicitly rejected[1] full text search in the past.

There was some technical work[2] done by glitch-soc to implement this but it doesn't seem to have reached production readiness. If the problems with that implementation get sorted out, freemo might be able to apply the same patches against QOTO's codebase.



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