Hi @freemo we seem to be having trouble federating with - any idea what might be the trouble there? Seems to show only isolated posts, but I don't think we're blocked. I'm not sure if they can see us either, but I'm tagging their admin @rantingsteve / in case he can see this, and there's something he can do to help.


I think vulpine clubight have blocked us once, which may suggest they did. A block is my best theory right now.


@freemo I think it's unlikely, since we can still see forcibly load toots by putting their URL into the search bar, but they don't otherwise seem to make it to us, unless they've been boosted by a follower on another instance. @rantingsteve


Ive seen similar behavior when blocked before... hard to say fornsure though.


@freemo looking through the documentation I see it’s possible to refresh a server’s view of another. Could you try running tootctl accounts refresh --domain as described here in case the problem’s on our end?

@khird Ive kinda beenn overtaxing our admin lately. Can we try to atleast confirm first if we are blocked, if we arent then I can raise the issue to try to fix it.

@freemo Okay, sure - I actually thought you were the admin! I’m trying to establish what’s going on by talking to a user who runs a bot on that instance but has his main account on a third-party server. Might be a bit because having someone act as go-between like this is typically slow.

The reason I don’t think it’s a block is that I can go to, get the URL of any post from that account, search it on QOTO, and it gets added to our local copy of the bot’s profile. This is different from an instance like Scholar that’s actually blocked us, because searching a specific Scholar post by URL returns no result unless QOTO’s already aware of it from being boosted by a third-party instance that doesn’t block us.

Now that’s not to say that the problem is necessarily on our end, but I figured it’s worth a shot. Maybe not if it’s too much on the admin’s plate though.

@khird I am the admin, lol.. but i have a guy who helps me with the computers when i dont have time. He is handling most of the shit right now since im so busy. Mostly just day to day stuff. Thing is we make it a point for me to not access the servers when he is as it causes problems. So while he is workinng on the servers i dont pop on there. I can reach out to him easy enough, i just want to give him a break as he adminns many other mastodon instances.

@freemo sure, this absolutely isn’t a priority - just something I was hoping we might fix.

A similar issue occurred a couple years ago - it was eventually resolved, but I can’t find any documentation of how that happened :/ The thread is at - note that it’s not quite the same thing, as refollowing doesn’t work this time around.

@khird why not ping the admin of the innstance and ask whats up?

@freemo I included his tag in the first couple messages of the thread, but no response. I think the outage may be bidirectional in which case he can’t even see it if I try to talk to him directly.

@khird im happy to investigate further once we at least reach out and try a simpler solution first :)

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