@freemo well I looked it up - this is a barn on the main road connecting Cincinnati, Columbus, and Cleveland (our three biggest cities). Seems the guy is a Klan leader; there's apparently also a burned cross, but I've never noticed it.

I too have never *met* someone who flies it, to my knowledge, but they're pretty visible anyway.


@freemo any reason you restricted your sample to southerners? I see people around here (OH, which is *very* proud of its contribution to the Union war effort) paint it on their barns and I'm not really sure what message it's intended to send, if not support for the Confederate worldview.

@mitch Sure, I'm just gonna pop down to the arena and roll the cannon down to the fortifications on I-70. Should keep the PA crowd at bay


> people can only access Google Maps over proprietary channels where Google dictates the rules

WDYM? I use Firefox and I've never had a problem accessing Google Maps through it. Google controls the backend, sure, but I don't think they own any part of the "channel" I'm using to reach it.

Don't get me wrong, I like Osmand~ too; it's the only map app I have on my (gApps-free) phone. It's just not usable as a standalone navigation tool, so I typically have to rely on Google for at least part of the workflow.

@mitch yeah. Dumping heat directly into the outdoors isn't going to be climate-friendly any way you slice it though, even if you're generating that heat from a green source of energy.

@mitch 10k BTU/hr is ~3kW. Even disregarding the price, you'd need to install high amperage wiring and a corresponding socket, because the typical US outlet maxes out at 1.8kW.

@freemo he asked about fixing the CORS headers for the instance. QOTO isn't working in the web client he wants to use, and he's been told it's due to our CORS configuration. I think this is also why the MathJax/LaTeX thing has been broken since forever, so might kill two birds with one stone here if you are able to fix it.

@austinrojers @mkljczk

@LouisIngenthron yeah I can't even see what they're hoping for you to say there - sometimes you'll have multiple technically correct answers but it's clear which is the one they want to see. I'd guess (a)? Because you can have rain with calm winds, or wind events like derechos that result from movement of different-temperature masses of air but no significant heat transfer between them, but the barometer is a pretty reliable tool to predict weather changes.

@LouisIngenthron driver licensing tests, too - I think it might've been 75%, but the point stands. "What is the maximum possible penalty for someone convicted of drunk driving, if it's their second offence, and the first one was committed more than two years ago but less than five, and the first conviction was when they were a legal adult but still under the drinking age, and they blew 0.13 on the breathalyser, and..." Buddy, what I took from that section is that the law says *I* can't drive drunk. I'm not the judge, what the law says he can or can't do in any given situation is really not what I was studying.

@freemo ha I like to eat seitan, which is basically straight gluten. When the health fad started I was very confused considering it's something I actively sought out.

@yoasif I might give that a try, but (a) it's probably going to be slow since I don't seem to be able to trigger the problem quickly, and (b) I've been using this version of Firefox for two or three weeks without issue, so I'm not convinced the problem is due to a change in the code rather than some setting got corrupted or something.

@yoasif I ran updates after I first noticed the problem, rebooted, and the problem recurred some time later. Firefox was not among the packages that received an update.

Today Firefox has started having a weird cursor-displacement issue, wondering if anyone can shed some light on it.

Whenever I open a popup menu, the arrow stays where I left it, but the cursor coordinates (i.e. what option gets highlighted and what registers a click) reset to the top left corner. So if I right-click and slide the arrow onto the menu, I'm actually clicking on things like my back and refresh buttons (the same distance down and to the right of the top left corner as the arrow is from the point where I right-clicked to open the menu). For nested submenus (e.g. folders in the Bookmarks menu) the process repeats for every level of popup. However, this only applies to the browser chrome; links on the webpage highlight according to the actual position of the arrow.

The problem doesn't occur until some time (maybe ten minutes to half an hour, I haven't really measured) after browser startup, and resets when I open a new window - temporarily fixing the problem in the original window, too.

I'm flummoxed; search turned up a lot of stuff about people who accidentally turn on caret browsing, but that doesn't really seem to explain these symptoms. Browser version is 64-bit 117.0.1 on Arch. Any suggestions appreciated!

@barefootstache alternatively, multiple profiles on Firefox, or another browser that offers the feature. Configure different about:config and uBlock Origin privacy/convenience tradeoffs based on how much you trust the websites you’ll visit on that profile, and you get all or nearly all the benefits without having the friction cost of different interfaces and keybindings. Plus a profile is tiny compared to a whole ‘nother browser, so you’re saving disk space too.

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It was wonderful to speak to Lisa Kloppenberg, the author of The Most Beloved Thing is Justice, about her friend & mentor Judge Dorothy Wright Nelson.

Judge Nelson barreled through glass ceilings. (She was on the short list for #SCOTUS in 1973!) It is a story of hope in the #law, something often missing today. It also describes how Judge Nelson's Bahá’í faith influenced her approach to the law & conflict resolution.

#law #lawfedi #lawprofs #justice #Bahai #judiciary


@mitch It’s really neat how we all get our own little slices of the network. I’ve seen a couple posts referencing fediverse drama in my home feed this week, but QOTO’s (busy, ~2k active users) local timeline hasn’t had any mention of it, so I just catch tiny glimpses of what’s going on through other people’s subtoots. XKCD remarked on this years ago, but the discoverability rules here amplify the effect.

@shayman I like the ones that show the history. YFB - Frobisher Bay, YYT - Torbay, etc.

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