>> On devrait rester dans la fédération canadienne, le Canada c’est tellement un pays ouvert, progressiste et multiculturel et tolérant. On devrait rester unis et ensemble !!

Le Canada >>

Why do bicycles fall over?

Because they are two-tired

Speaking of Alaska, which of its national parks completely prohibits weapons of any kind?

The Noatak national preserve (no attack)

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Alaska also has the most motivational speakers per capita than any other place on earth..

That’s right, Anchorage

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Which US state has the best banking system?

Alaska, cause it has Fairbanks

What the place in USA where oral sex is the most prevalent?

Miami (me yummy 😜)

When Japanese come to USA, at what airport do they arrive ?

At Cleveland’s, cause Ohio Gozaimasu

By the way if you know a great non alternatives to or or at least non floc election code editor I would like to see them. Preferably something free and for which I can run JavaScript and react page and start servers.

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Once takes over? Which apps will have it implemented?

See this is the kind of problem that arises from using a massively shared platform for not only browsing but also many applications. Especially when this platform is controlled by a massive corporation like google.

Vu sur LinkedIn 😂

– We don't write tests.
– Why?
– Because we don’t have time for it.
– Why?
– Because there is too much work and pressure.
– Why?
– Because we don’t move fast enough.
– Why?
– Because changing software has become risky and difficult.
– Why?
– Because we don’t write tests.

@stephen now you know how quebeckers and french canadian feels :')

Did I also mention it’s also only like 200 kB in storage space?

No excuse not to download it now, it’s even lighter than one of your selfie or cat picture.

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Some people requested to have access to the app store link of my app in english. I will put it here : 🇺🇸🇬🇧:apps.apple.com/ca/app/timenote
🇨🇦🇫🇷 :quebec: : apps.apple.com/ca/app/timenote
I also have some great news:
I took the decision to make Timenote free ✨
The reason why is simply because while the app could gain users, as i see from the store stats and past promotions, but the price, as low as it can be, can be a barrier for some people to try out the app.

There is no plan to introduce intrusive and annoying the app, since this is an app that is made for keeping track of your online classes, and help you go back to specific parts of your classes to rewatch what was unclear, or were too distracted to listen.

There will probably be in-app purchase for special stuff, all in a non-annoying way.

Mac,iPad,iPhone, you got it, you can just start when you're on your online classes, or even any long video, like a youtube tutorial, you press on the arrow paragraph and you can add the timestamp and write next to it what's it's talking about. You can save it as a text and put it in folder however you please. If you're late you can also just set out a specific time to start.

For all the green bubbles out there and apple haters there there's also a web version at timenote.app , although it does not provide all the same features as the native app.

@barberousse87 @elpanzer @flyingscorpio @sebsauvage

C’est juste que signal décide de mettre en place un système de transaction par crypto, afin de monétiser son application. Les gens capotent mais c’est pas vraiment grave

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