Barbada n'est pas un danger pour les enfants. Elle initie les enfants a la musique et elle est vêtue de façon appropriée, et pas d'une façon à se moquer les femmes. Vous pouvez vous rassurer en allant voir son show sur

All it will take for #Mastodon to overtake #Twitter is for organizations like the White House, news organizations, and others, to spin up their own Mastodon instances for their own official communications and continue posting as usual. And the dedicated instance addresses will be a better method of validation than a blue check.

#tech #opinion

@freemo I'm glad in my "province" we have the parti Québécois, which is a true center left party which want to make Quebec a country, and doesn't go into the cancel culture and completely rejects race politics.
This is unlike the CAQ which is right wing or QS which is leftist but try to call their opponents racist.

@swagpussc @freemo what would be wrong with the Scottish National party in your case?

@Jdreben Yann LeCun, chief Al scientist at Meta,
refuted claims that he had signed the open
letter in a tweet today while others have
followed suit.
"Nope. I did not sign this letter," he said."I
disagree with its premise."
Nope.l did not sign this letter.I
disagree with its premise.
- Yann LeCun (@ylecun) March 29, 2023
Since its publication, the names of other
signatories have begun "disappearing"
according to analysis of the letter from
Semaforjournalist, Louise Matsakis
However, prominent names including Elon
Musk, Steve Wozniak, and Yoshua Bengio

@freemo hey i found out qoto pwa didn't have a proper logo so I asked Bing Image creator to make one based on the favicon.

Imagining an attack operation where they steal dev credentials, push malicious code, then discover the build fails.

The attacker spends days troubleshooting the build pipeline and finally finds a fix. It now works beautifully; this immediately tips off the company’s engineers.

Under the new Restrict Act ("ban TikTok act") VPN users face 20 years in jail and a $1M fine if they evade US internet censorship.

Compared to this, the great firewall of #china looks like a picket fence 😨 E.g. VPN are largely tolerated (used one for 7 years with no issue).

#Politics #Censorship #restrict #TikTok #VPN

Flower field?

Nop.. It's a #bicycle graveyard in #China

Another example of a trend mass production, bankrupcies that end in perfectly usable bikes on piles :sad_cat:

:RideBikes: :RideBikes:
#Bike #RideBikes

For the past 6 hours, there’s been 2,000+ Mastodon account creations per hour.

This hasn’t happened since December 2022.

@mmasnick predicted that Elon Musk’s new Twitter Blue policies would result in another Mastodon migration, and it looks like he’s right.

Once Twitter effectively becomes “pay to play”, Mastodon suddenly becomes more appealing.


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