>> On devrait rester dans la fédération canadienne, le Canada c’est tellement un pays ouvert, progressiste et multiculturel et tolérant. On devrait rester unis et ensemble !!

Le Canada >>

I’m full, guess this is all going to trash now!

April Fools I’m going to keep it in my fridge as lunch

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Why is trying to do here why are they trying to make me reconsider my choice.

I am no ancap, but I should be able to like a page even if I disagree with them just because I want to like them. Is Facebook trying to influence politics?

The real reason why Dr Seuss was cancelled
Or not lol
CC: Biden, Trump and all the other politicians supporting the military industrial complex causing a genocide abroad while Americans are going hungry.

Have you seen a spike in your battery autonomy since using . 9 hours like that never happened at all. @lewlepton what do you think

The state of inequality across the world is appalling. Poor child on the left has nothing to eat and is forced to eat toxic metal because he has nothing else, while the child on the right has something to eat.

L’état de l’inégalité dans le monde est révoltant. Le pauvre enfant à gauche est contraint à manger des métaux toxiques car il n’y a rien d’autre à manger., alors que l’enfant à droite en a,

This cider tastes great

The fact that the Quebec government doesn’t allow us to purchase ciders from outside the province is bitter and bad.

Ce cidre goûte bon,

Par contre le fait que le gouvernement du Québec nous interdit d’acheter du cidre provenant d’ailleurs, ça c’est vraiment amer et mauvais

In case you never got the memo, yes are safe, they go under strict security standards. They are also really awesome, because they allow the production of nutritious golden rice that can help eradicate nutritional deficiencies in developing countries. Unfortunately these rice farms are sometime vandalized by organic activists.

Ok, pour ceux qui ont pas reçu le mémo.
Oui, c’est safe, c’est règlementé par des protocoles de sécurité super stricts.
Pis en plus c’est super génial, parce que on peut créer des variantes de riz qui ont plus de nutriments et éradiquer les carences alimentaires dans les pays en voie de développement. Malheureusement, certaines rizières sont saccagés par des activistes organiques.


Repeat after me

Goth girl president Biden
We Stan a goth girl president

Guess how much I’ve paid for all of this

Devinez combien j’ai payé pour tout ça

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