Here are some rooms you can join from the QOTO matrix server that have 100 or more users in it that I particularly enjoy:


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This reminds me, @GNUxeava is liberal still redirecting to freenode? What's the state of things?


Not sure what this is in reference to. But if they need a server to host a room they are welcome to use QOTOs.

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Many people left freenode for libera because of a hostile takeover at freenode. Only to end up having libera redirect to freenode.

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LOL I did know about the freenode exodus.. didnt know about the libera redirect though.

Seems some of the freenode chat rooms did move to matrix though which im happy about.

I had a nick whose created date was close to the creation of freednode itself. Once they wiped my nick there (I was very pissed) I had no reason to go back.

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But this is the wrong URL. is still legit, libera[.]net is just freenode's typesquatting

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Thanks for pointing that out! I wonder how many people also haven't figured that out!! Wish someone could nab the .net address for the community's sake...

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