So apparently Joe has been president for a year now and surprise surprise, COVID levels are where they are at when things were at their worst under Trump.. Remind me again how Biden is so much better than Trump.

@freemo him forcing people to get the vax bugs me. but he isn't my favorite i loved obama

@iceloops yea, though its a round about way he is forcing people which i guess is something. But yea, I dont like Biden, I dont like Trump.. Obama was much better than both but I dont even like him very much.

@freemo with trump i liked first few years of trump because he seemed to want to do things but his last few years i say no

@iceloops @freemo
...I liked how Trump was trying to make hospitals transparent about their costs... _shrug_


Trump, like all idiots, occasionally had a good idea or two. The problem is he was piss poor at executing on them. Partly his fault for acting like a moron, partly everyone elses fault for stacking the deck against him and exagerating all his failures.


@freemo @lucifargundam it like closing the border makes him racist yet biden doing it makes him great.


@iceloops @freemo
Issues like the border- although sincerely concerning to many(not necessarily most, but possibly so still), are quite more often being used as an excuse for things rather than actually being directly addressed.

Either way, open or closed- issues leading up to the topic of the border are being circumvented moreso than the ending subject. That's because historically, certain politicians on either side of that line have neglected to take ownership for their own domestic garbage.

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