And now PlatformIO flashes OK to ! ... Maybe earlier I was staring at the WisBlock lights too long and it timed out 🤔

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will receive packets from ... Let's sync up the LoRa Parameters across WisBlock and BL602 ... Life gets Easy with Serendipity! 👍

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receives perfect packets from ... We're done yay! 🎉 Tomorrow we shall take a walk ... And discover the real-world wireless range of LoRa!

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Field Test Kit ... BL602 @PINE64 with RF96 LoRa Transceiver ... In a Permeable Paper Box with Battery ... And Pro for Urgent Field Maintenance 😉

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Cool Blue BlinkenLED for @PINE64 ... Tells us when it's transmitting Packets ... As we run the LoRa Field Test in the wild

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Timestamp every Packet received by ... We'll match these with the Geocoded Timestamped Photos that we'll snap as we walk ... It's like Pokemon Snap but for LoRa Packets

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This photo is Geocoded and Timestamped ... We'll match this with the log of Packets received by

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...And just to clarify: Geocoded Timestamped Chicken Rice didn't come from the Geocoded Timestamped Chickens earlier 😉

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captured One Hour of Packets from yay! 🎉 Now to match the Timestamps with the Geocoded Photos / Chickens / Chicken Rice ... Here's the log:

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In times of Disaster ... A Radio would be incredibly useful 🤔

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@lupyuen why does the chicken look raw, is this some sort of native food thing, is it really just steamed or something and looks raw? Any spices? Any good? (I love learning about how people eat in other countries :)

Ps, yes I just used an emoji smiley to simultaneous act as a smiley and to close a parenthesis.

@freemo Haha nope I didn't kill the chicken myself 😉 It's the famous Hainanese Chicken Rice...

@lupyuen I dont really know enough about singapore food. We have a few things we claim are singapore foods in america but probably in reality has nothing to do with singapore food...

Based on the wikipedia article sounds like something id love to try.

@freemo Yes you should! Totally safe to eat 🙂 Look for a Singaporean / Malaysian / Vietnamese Restaurant around your area

@lupyuen We do have vietnamese resteraunts but keep in mind america for whatever reason bastardizes ansy sort of asian food and its really just some american thing.

What I'd need to do is go into the vietnamese market we have (where native vietnamese imigrants tend to go) and go to the resteraunt there, then I'd have to ask for the vietnamese menu (they tend to hide it) and order off that.. however it is never in english. but I can ask the waiter, I bet they would know if i describe it.

I'm sure its safe to eat i was just surprised by its raw look. On closer inspection it seems the meat is cooked its just poached (boiled?) which explains why it looks almost raw but isnt, the meat isnt pink.

either way I intent to make it a point to try it sometime soon if I can find it. I need to start traveling again soon and asian countries including singapore is on my list.

@freemo Yep the chicken is boiled / poached ... Singaporeans hate pink chicken 😉 Show the pic to the Vietnamese Restaurant, I think they will know. Enjoy!

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Hey @lupyuen
Are you one of the devs in line to receive a BeagleV next month?

Drew Festini said last night: "We are looking for people that have experience in #linux and #uboot and other low level software." help get the #BeagleV running.

Reserve a BeagleV here:


There's an active #Beagle room on #Matrix:

@mark Nope sorry, I'm having too much fun with BL602 🙂

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