Pins on one edge of the Module are replicated ... So it's actually Breadboard-Friendly

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HopeRF RFM90 Datasheet explains VREG, DCC and VCC ... Challenging my Chinese skills


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Starting the SX1262 Driver ... Fails with an SPI Assertion Failure 😭 ... Let's find out what's wrong 🤔

(Yep Assertions are very helpful! 👍)

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We have configured the Transmit Timeout as 3 seconds ... But it's timing out way too quickly ... Possibly quitting the packet too soon ... Lemme check the Timer Code 🤔

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Sorry I goofed ... Mixed up microseconds and milliseconds in SX1262 Driver ... Now AirSpy SDR shows the complete LoRa Chirp! 🎉

Chirp transmitted by LoRa SX1262 Driver ... Captured by Airspy SDR ... In super slo mo

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Huge relief because HopeRF RFM90 Datasheet doesn't say that 923 MHz is supported for Asia Region ... But we proved that the LoRa Module works at 923 MHz!


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RAKwireless receives Packets ... From connected to LoRa Module! 🎉 Now we do the other way ... WisBlock sending LoRa Packets to BL602

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Semtech's Reference Implementation of SX1262 Driver is a little odd ... It doesn't process interrupts automatically! Fortunately on FreeRTOS we can easily forward the interrupt to the Application Task for processing

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