@lupyuen this is what I was going to suggest, but the putty farther down. In fact. if you put it so far down only a mm or so of the wire leads produce from the bottom it should be able to rest on top comfortably. A low center of gravity plus less wire length so less bending I think should do the trick.

Honestly I'm surprised you dont just have a 2x row header you could use instead.

@lupyuen the key will getting them spaced just right in the clay I think.. but if you do without much showing I think it might work nicely. Good luck.

@lupyuen I would solder bare thin wires (copper strands) to the pads, snip them off at a few millimetres, then use ez hooks to connect.

@lupyuen @modrobert Yes, and I even loop the thin wire back to the pad, so that the hook can't slid off. If pad is too tiny, then loop back the end and solder to itself.

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