Cruising through complex (with and ):

Six techniques for wrangling tricky structures. Plus, more readable and actionable errors by overriding the default Python traceback.

Also co-released with glom 23.1 and my latest project, glompad, glom in the browser (with /#pyodide). Take a look!

New year, new post:

Well, not entirely new. This one's a director's cut with a few edits that didn't appear in the original version posted on GitHub's blog:

TL;DR: Lever yourself out of the quicksand of consumption overload by writing critiques and curating collections. Inspiration is sure to strike, and creativity will follow.

👋 Hey again .

Giving this a spin again, whatever the future of general purpose social media may be.

I'm into , , , , , , , , and . Oh, and lately, .

More about me on my site:

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