Fediverse woes: Just noticed I'm missing a bunch of updates from fosstodon. E.g., @pybay and @djangolondon both show months-dormant accounts despite having posted in the last 3 days.

Not really sure how to report this, so I'm just going to @ the qoto admins:

@hugovk These slides are great. Sounds like you made a convincing case, too. Thanks for raising this!

Another week, another update: patreon.com/posts/patron-updat

Since I already posted a bunch about glyph.im/patrons/ this week, I'll keep it brief. If you like my writing at <blog.glyph.im/> or any of my #python #opensource libs & tools, such as Fritter, DBXS, Automat, TokenRing, PINPal, Encrust, SponCom, DateType, python-docstring-mode, streamrandom, MOPUp, QuickMacHotKey, QuickMacApp, horsephrase, etc, and would like to support me continuing more of that work, consider signing up.

I think this is why GenAI sounds so much like a cryptocurrency scam to a lay audience. When Microsoft launched the Xbox they didn't spend hours talking about the wafer lithography they used for the GPU, they just told you about video games. The iPhone announcement talked about listening to music and using a web browser, the relative merits of capacitive and resistive touchscreens. But Blockchain and GenAI hype both have this obsession with minor details that really should not be user-visible.

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I learned about glom (github.com/mahmoud/glom) by @mahmoud two days ago,

At that point, I felt that kind of approach is good for CLIs but was unsure if I'd put it in my code.

Today I was working on a deeply nested JSON and decided to try it out and it was so good. It made the code much easier to read and manage.

#Python #JSON

The memory-centric folks have long moved on to entity component systems, would be nice if there were more affordances for the rest of us, too.

Instead, FastAPI/Pydantic/typing in general is just pouring more concrete on the inheritance approach.

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More proof that maybe we shouldn't have taken a sometimes-convenient way to lay out memory gets and elevated it to a dogma of ontology.

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Heh, I just noticed that it looks like virtualenv seems to use the “COVID-time” version of : virtualenv.pypa.io/en/latest/c

Version 20 starting in 2020, still version 20 now… 😛

These thoughts brought to you by Python 3.10 generating a SyntaxWarning on "x is not 0"

(x can be either False or 0, and, fun fact, in Python, False == 0)

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"sure, inheritance sucked for the use case we know most intimately as programmers, but it will be great for all those other fields we are fuzzy on"

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Funny how object-oriented programming got so big, when the unsolved hierarchy of numerical types has been there from the beginning.

The idea that inheritance will solve conceptual problems when we can't define whether `unsigned int` is a parent or child of `int`. And don't even start on the special casing necessary for type promotions in numerical expressions.

@pganssle GrapheneOS has this feature and I'd love if it would become a general part of AOSP.

It allows you to choose which contacts to share, or just pretend you don't have any.

Probably the most famous guitarist just passed away, at 63, Lily Afshar.

Interestingly, articles in 6 languages, but none of them English, so here she is playing a Persian song I know: youtube.com/watch?v=eoqYNWfPV1

Huge thank you to everyone who boosted or responded to my previous post! ❤️

I’ve since updated my resume and written a little bit about myself and my perfect match:

Hire me: nkantar.com/blog/2023/08/hire-

Resume: nkantar.com/resume/

Back from , and busy processing . Working on atm, struck by the elegance of the Agha Bozorg Masjid: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Agha_Boz

While parts of it date back 700 years, it was mostly constructed in the 1700s, and is noted for its bare domes and symmetry.

Today in zerover (0ver.org) news, joins the 0verusers.

Also, notable emiriti surpassed in stars. Truly, is dead and ⁠ is the future.

Featured 0ver users: MAME (github.com/mamedev/mame) and ReactOS (github.com/reactos/reactos), both fast approaching 30 years of 0veruse!

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