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👋 Hey again .

Giving this a spin again, whatever the future of general purpose social media may be.

I'm into , , , , , , , , and . Oh, and lately, .

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So I read this

and then I read this

and they are the same article. Modern front-end framework development is military contracting is every other prestige industry where complexity : sophistication :: expense : value and outcomes are assumed because testing is disincentivized.

Banning free API use blocks anyone who's inclined to abide by the rules but does nothing to stop anyone who's already using the official app API keys to look like a human

timely reminder that twitter oauth consumer keys are a social construct. if you want to use the #twitter API without restrictions for third-parties, you can

"Thoughts on the Python packaging ecosystem"

A new blog post, with some of my thoughts on the state of Python packaging ecosystem.

Layoffs are mostly useless, a kind of “social contagion” that don’t improve company performance in the long term (

Layoffs are an indication that a company is particularly willing to shoot you and itself in the foot just to give shareholders a sugar rush.

Take note. Choose accordingly.

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No errors after a couple hours, manual testing ftw lol

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Cruising through complex (with and ):

Six techniques for wrangling tricky structures. Plus, more readable and actionable errors by overriding the default Python traceback.

Also co-released with glom 23.1 and my latest project, glompad, glom in the browser (with /#pyodide). Take a look!

I think #poetry gives some bad advice on #python dependency pins:

Pessimistic pins like this plunge your consumers into dependency hell when packages update to consume fresh versions of their shared dependencies at different rates. If package Foo needs a new feature from click 8, and package Bar says "well, I work with click 7, better not try click 8" and never releases again, I'm hosed, even if Bar works fine with new click.

Your users should rely on CI, not #semver.

Enough about program synthesis, we need to move on to program antithesis already

Tansu ( and Svelte Immer Store are interesting, and may solve the underlying problems I'm having, but don't really address the general state timeline visibility problem.

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Loving working with this @sveltejs project, but surprised to find myself missing . Curious if folks have patterns they recommend for tracing state changes.

New year, new post:

Well, not entirely new. This one's a director's cut with a few edits that didn't appear in the original version posted on GitHub's blog:

TL;DR: Lever yourself out of the quicksand of consumption overload by writing critiques and curating collections. Inspiration is sure to strike, and creativity will follow.

👋 Hey again .

Giving this a spin again, whatever the future of general purpose social media may be.

I'm into , , , , , , , , and . Oh, and lately, .

More about me on my site:

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