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Implementing Rights Retention Strategy to Author Accepted Manuscript version 👉 Guide for researchers elaborated by French 🇫🇷 Committee for Open Science @ouvrirlascience @cOAlitionS_OA

📢Call for experts! The co-creation is currently in development. Do you want to contribute to the better understanding and measuring of impact?
Learn more about the use cases and how to join the community here:

🚨 Reminder: The call for tenders to evaluate Machine Translation in scholarly communication is open until December 23. The call is part of the and project funded by @sup_recherche and @MinistereCC.


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📢🧵Today is the launch of Ireland’s National Action Plan for Open Research to advance and public access to research! The plan was prepared by @norfireland for Impact 2030: Ireland’s R&I Strategy @DeptofFHed @SimonHarrisTD

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🔓The French Academy of Sciences suggests, in its latest statement, criteria for a transparent and rigorous evaluation of researchers & their research teams, a necessary condition for the acceptance and implementation of the principles of .

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