Yo guys, i'm sipping Yerba Mate for the first time (i like it!) while looking at P5.js and react-p5. Just exploring Generative Design.
How about you? Share & let us know what you're up to. Thanks & have a nice day!

@metapsyche just had breakfast and am heading to pick up a rental car so i can drive across town to the Sydney Dragstrip

@metapsyche Idk where you are from but mate is a stimulant, I hope it's not close to your bed time.

@compass_straight_edge @metapsyche Relaxing now, end of the day. Some leaves raking again, it's late Fall here and there's still many blowing around.

I like Matte but the kid that is toasted, it's popular in Brazil (which also has yerba matte drinkers, specially in the southern states. It's called "Chimarrão" there)

Mate Leão is my favourite.

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