Curious about moving from to – a Twitter alternative? Read this article to learn how to join the Mastodon migration.

Please give it a and click through to blog, maybe leave a comment about your experience making and responses to your

Trying to raise awareness about the reach possible in this space. πŸ˜‰

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@maggiek @edutooter @edutooters The convention in which a compound word, acronym, or phrase is spelled using medial capitals. CamelCase is used in a number of protocols, such as Extensible Markup Language (XML). ARCnet and WikiWiki are examples of CamelCase. The term is so named as the bumps of the medial capital letters are reminiscent of the humps of a camel.

@maggiek @mguhlin @edutooter @edutooters without going down the bad joke route that David did, "camel case" is where you capitalize the first letter of each word in an identifier (programming jargon) such that it supposedly mimics the humps on a camel's back. Doing it with hash tags helps screen readers' pronunciation.

So, it's an accessibility thing, but has the additional benefit of being readable by humans as well.

@maggiek @mguhlin @edutooter @edutooters additional feature is when you use camel case in your hash tags, it clears up a lot of possible misunderstandings, both from screen readers and human eyeballs.

"DadsCare" versus "DadScare" is one Internet example. (ETA It does look like Mastodon or my client disambiguates a hash tag based on the first one you use in a post, so I rewrote it with quotations)

@mguhlin One other resource I ran across recently is this spreadsheet which lists the top 100 or so Mastodon servers, along with whether or not they are currently accepting new registrations


Just FYI: I'm pretty sure Fedilab is free if you install it using F-Droid.

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@Richard @edutooter @edutooters F-Droid , haha, how many folks know how to do that? 🀣🀣 And, I already paid for it.

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Thanks for sharing these I hope to participate in 2 growing communities on here and engage with people with shared interests around

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@STEMed for

@mguhlin @edutooter @edutooters I’d like to add my name and account to the big spreadsheet. How do I do that? Thank you!

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