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I had a great time at - presenting my work on metachronal coordination, meeting people, and learning all kinds of exciting new physics and biology!

Asked chatGPT to write a poem about , not bad, bit dry... not as crazy as the poem about Volvox written by yours truly, an actual human/non-robotic entity😆 (micromotility.com/research-old)

everyday is a beautiful day to do science @LSI_Exeter 😎
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It's a beautiful day to do science ⁦@LSI_Exeter⁩

What can theory do for biology? And what can biology do to inspire new theory? How can we go beyond doing theory simply because it can be done, but because it can truly inspire new understanding and new perspectives in biology??

Find out more at our upcoming meeting in July!⬇️
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Looking for a conference to broaden your understanding of the role of theory in biology? 📖 🧬 🐃 Then don't miss out on and submit yo…

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Just saw this and keep wondering - is this common? Different handedness of the flowers? So curious…

Join us for this exciting meeting at EMBL Heidelberg in June! (What else might you find at the periphery of a cell... 🤔) @EMBLEvents
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Mechanobiology of the cell surface, exciting meeting coming up at EMBL in June!

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Are self-propelling biomolecular condensates a thing in cells, as implied by our theory and recently published (doi.org/10.1103/PhysRevLett.13) in @PhysRevLett? We would be excited to hear the perspective of experiments!

And we also welcome Austin Smith @AustinS10301165 - our @LSI_Exeter institute Director to twitter! (who has a great postdoc position open right now)

Apply here

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Exciting news! Our paper on how directional reversal affects pattern formation of active filaments is out now in @PhysRevResearch . Check it out for more information! journals.aps.org/prresearch/ab. Special thanks to Ali Malek, Stefan Karpitschka and @KlumppStefan @mattertolife

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@EMBOPress is the unsung hero of reform in scientific publishing. Look at the track record! Taken from PR announcing move towards for all journals.


Open consultative , , @ReviewCommons Looking forward to what comes next

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It's a good moment to say that H. volcanii, different than H. salinarum is always rod-shaped, shape-shifts between rod and disk morphologies (12/n)

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@DagmarWachten & I are excited to shared our @SpringerNature @NatRevNeph 'News & Views' on super🔥🔥 back-to-back @ScienceMagazine papers from @takanobu_ka (& Hamada lab) & Shiaulou Yuan on L-R asymmetry, & roles for PKD2! rdcu.be/c7usw

Despite everything else that's going on (cough Horizon Europe) very grateful that we still have access to @wellcometrust funding here in the UK... Support ! 👏

Sure they look cute but turns out they are vicious (or should that be viscous) cannibals...😱
(@BEuplotes 's video is too graphic to broadcast)
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@BEuplotes telling a beautiful story about how cells walk and compute using flexible filaments. @APSMeetings

Mind baffled! By how crickets send and receive sound signals...

Natasha: who in the audience hasn't heard of ...??
Audience: Nobody.

Yes! Our job is done... 😅
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I promise you some very pretty insects pictures!

And some biophysics from what has turned out to be a really rich and interesting system to study. twitter.com/oritpeleg/status/1

All the physics ladies! On international women's Day 😃
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I found @micromotility and @bioactivematter at the @ApsDbio hallway in Las Vegas!

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