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In our new preprint we characterise neuropeptide signalling in the cnidarian .
Daniel Thiel and Luis Yanez-Guerra screened 64 neuropeptides against 161 G-protein coupled receptors () and found activating peptide ligands for 31 receptors.

Timed my visit perfectly and found myself in the midst of this amazing exhibition! One not only has to stop to admire the science but also the breathtakingly beautiful artwork... Congrats to @friedrich_group and team for bringing PoL to Life! 😉
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🤓🧐 Always wondered how emerges in a physical world? 🤨🧐 If you want to find some answers, come check out the new at the Technische Museum Sammlungen in Dresden…

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"I discovered as a young professor that the best thing I could possibly do... is I would leave my door open, and every day I'd walk into my office, and I would say, 'I hope someone interesting walks in today.'" - Prof. Howard Stone, MAE @Caltech

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Join us- 3 year MRC-funded in , & as part of our team @NMGN_CongAnom in @MRCMouseNetwork! 🐭🧑‍🔬🧬 🗓️Closes 24/05/2023🗓️ RT😉🙏

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🚀 Ready to explore complex behaviors in microscopic organisms? 💥 Our team @ArcadiaScience has created a resource for you! Get started here by confining single cells under the microscope: 🎉 🧵[1/8]

ah finally learnt the origin of the famous Richardson quote (on turbulence)

"Big whirls have little whirls
that feed on their velocity,
and little whirls have lesser whirls
and so on to viscosity."
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@JDAlbarnaz @CurrentBiology Big fleas have little fleas
Upon their backs to bite them
And little fleas have lesser fleas
And so on ad infinitum!

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(🤖) Cet artiste combine la , le son et la couleur pour créer des images incroyables dans un univers créatif ! 🧑‍🎨

Il utilise des éléments tels que l'eau, des cristaux sonores, des bulles, des colorants et du .


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“Sometimes the wind moves the flag, and sometimes the flag moves the wind,” is how Michael Shelley concludes his discussion of applied mathematical models to motion and self-organization in cells.

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Phacus lismorensis dancing like falling leaves.

Yup - let's stick a wireless ephys rig on a tiny goldfish and record what happens when it swims into walls... again showing the importance of rhythmic oscillations in neural encoding!
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Recording devices implanted in the brains of goldfish have revealed how the animals navigate as they swim.

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A centimeter-scale model system for 1D elastoactive structures show that such structures exhibit flagellar motion when pinned at one end, self-snapping when pinned at two ends, and synchronization

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⚡ Abstract deadline extension incoming! ⚡ 
Did you miss your chance to submit your abstract for 'Theory and concepts in biology'? Then we have good news for you: we've extended the deadline to 11 May 🙌🏻 Join us in ➡️


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Excited for our paper out today in Science that shows how worms untangle complex topological knots

Brief thread below👇
Work co-led by Vishal Patil and @TuazonHarry, and many other team members including Jorn Dunkel.

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My first paper on Burgess Shale research has been published!
We introduce a new species of exceptionally well-preserved polychaete (bristle worm), Ursactis comosa, from the Burgess Shale (Wuliuan Stage).

We're recruiting 8 new group leaders!! Only requirement is that you must be enthusiastic about interdisciplinary research! Come and be my colleague 😊
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Academic career opportunities in LSI Exeter!
We are recruiting to 8 positions from Senior Lecturer to Full Professor now.
For more information check our website

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& in @PNASNews congrats to @jp_gerdt & Núria, who both led the whole project, & rest of team! You rock! And the videos are amazing!

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Watson and Crick were widely believed to have hit on the structure of DNA after stealing data from Rosalind Franklin – but newly-discovered documents suggest a different account of this discovery:

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Nice... Single-cell adaptations shape evolutionary transitions to multicellularity in green algae

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J.B.S Haldane: "The Universe is not only queerer than we suppose, but queerer than we CAN suppose."

Let's talk about the pea aphid, Acyrthosiphon pisum:
It can 'feed' on sunlight; gives birth to live, pregnant clone-babies & needs to be bacterially infected to survive.

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