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Just saw this and keep wondering - is this common? Different handedness of the flowers? So curious…

Join us for this exciting meeting at EMBL Heidelberg in June! (What else might you find at the periphery of a cell... 🤔) @EMBLEvents
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Mechanobiology of the cell surface, exciting meeting coming up at EMBL in June!

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Everyone enjoyed showing you the exciting range of science we do at the LSI. Thanks for making the time to visit. twitter.com/RachelLBurn1/statu

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Are self-propelling biomolecular condensates a thing in cells, as implied by our theory and recently published (doi.org/10.1103/PhysRevLett.13) in @PhysRevLett? We would be excited to hear the perspective of experiments!

And we also welcome Austin Smith @AustinS10301165 - our @LSI_Exeter institute Director to twitter! (who has a great postdoc position open right now)

Apply here

Hooray - let's welcome Ray @goldlabUC to the twitter sphere...! 😂

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Now that our new lab twitter account is live, I am happy to share our latest results on phototaxis in green algae.


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Exciting news! Our paper on how directional reversal affects pattern formation of active filaments is out now in @PhysRevResearch . Check it out for more information! journals.aps.org/prresearch/ab. Special thanks to Ali Malek, Stefan Karpitschka and @KlumppStefan @mattertolife

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@EMBOPress is the unsung hero of reform in scientific publishing. Look at the track record! Taken from PR announcing move towards for all journals.


Open consultative , , @ReviewCommons Looking forward to what comes next

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Happy to share the first study from our collaborators in Ray Goldstein's lab modelling the physics of inversion, swimming and feeding in multicellular choanos. A short 🧵 biorxiv.org/content/10.1101/20

One thing that really stood out for me about @wellcometrust 's approach is the emphasis on fostering a *healthy* research culture/working environment, this is often relegated to a footnote in most grants. After all, science is not just about the individual, but the context too!

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It's a good moment to say that H. volcanii, different than H. salinarum is always rod-shaped, shape-shifts between rod and disk morphologies (12/n)

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@DagmarWachten & I are excited to shared our @SpringerNature @NatRevNeph 'News & Views' on super🔥🔥 back-to-back @ScienceMagazine papers from @takanobu_ka (& Hamada lab) & Shiaulou Yuan on L-R asymmetry, & roles for PKD2! rdcu.be/c7usw

Despite everything else that's going on (cough Horizon Europe) very grateful that we still have access to @wellcometrust funding here in the UK... Support ! 👏

Sure they look cute but turns out they are vicious (or should that be viscous) cannibals...😱
(@BEuplotes 's video is too graphic to broadcast)
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@BEuplotes telling a beautiful story about how cells walk and compute using flexible filaments. @APSMeetings

Mind baffled! By how crickets send and receive sound signals...

Natasha: who in the audience hasn't heard of ...??
Audience: Nobody.

Yes! Our job is done... 😅
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I promise you some very pretty insects pictures!

And some biophysics from what has turned out to be a really rich and interesting system to study. twitter.com/oritpeleg/status/1

All the physics ladies! On international women's Day 😃
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I found @micromotility and @bioactivematter at the @ApsDbio hallway in Las Vegas!

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