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Not nearly enough and in this universe yet... let's rectify this with an inaugural edition of 😍
Look at all its beautiful 'feet'... !

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First toot! Who's here? You may know me from the bird app as the one who is obsessed with and . Here is a YouTube vid (several years old) of some psychedelic to prove it.

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Mongolian farmer discovers hundreds of his sheep have been walking in a circle continuously for 12 Days.

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Also, are we really expected to believe to there's a real correlation in these data?

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3/n What is agency? Agency is the cognitive stance of living beings to preserve their identity. A good dissection of agency can be found in @WiringTheBrain explorations on the subject.

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Ever wondered how to steer self-organisation through confinement?

This perspective reports the discussion at a @lorentzcenter workshop organised with @AlvaroGuM, @namaraujo, L. Janssen.

Try and tag all 29 authors!

Read it now in Soft Matter

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Very excited to have been awarded an grant, DYNBIOTICS, to understand why cannot enter in bacteria and to discover new antibiotics. Thanks to @ERC_Research for funding this project, to my research team, colleagues and collaborators

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Happy to announce we're organizing a one-day workshop at the Higgs Centre in Edinburgh (UK) titled "Motility in Microbes, Molecules, and Matter" on 27 February, 2023.
Please share with both senior and junior colleagues, ECRs, and students

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Revised paper alert! move fluid in our brains, clear our lungs, and allow sperm to navigate to the egg. Cilia are often densely packed at the surface of epithelium and need to coordinate their beating to pump fluid efficiently.

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Excited to release our latest work, led by @hbozhao in collaboration with our friend Andrej Košmrlj!

In this preprint (, we study how chemotactic active matter phase separates—and find many cool surprises. 🦠🚀🔬

Tweetorial follows... [1/8]

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Delighted to announce the next Mathematics in Life Sciences meeting on "Linking Mathematics, Experiments and Data" at @UniofExeter, 8-9th March 2023. The schedule can be found here:
Co-funded by @LondMathSoc and @HealthcareHubEX.
Please share!

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First putative occurrence in the fossil record of choanoflagellates, the sister group of Metazoa.

We (Alexander Aulehla, Jordi Garcia-Ojalvo, Rob Phillips and I) are organising this meeting at EMBL-Heidelberg in July! Join us for some exciting discussions at the interface of biology, maths, physics...!
Abstracts accepted till 25th Apr, more info here
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Are you interested in turning factual knowledge into conceptual knowledge?💡 Join us at…

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🌻+🦋 Sunflower pollen on the wing scales of a hummingbird hawkmoth, Macroglossum stellatarum in a magnification of 50:1. Real colors.

0,4⁣µm steps, 212 single shots

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Our first session of 2023 looking to keep virtual communities connected- our 42nd BSCB GenoSoc UK Cilia Network
e-symposium 24/01/2023 15:00-17:15 free & open to all #cilia & #centriole fans! Register if not on our list already:

We kick off with 6 sensational speakers who were poster prize winners from @EuroCilia2022
meeting to kick of the new year- #cilia, #centriolarsatellites, #ciliopathies! Come see our plans for 2023...

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Yay! First paper of my PhD is out in @PNASNews!
We studied the motion of chloroplasts and found intriguing dynamics which resemble super-cooled systems!

A thread 🧵

did not know tardigrades eat volvox 🤯
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tardigrade enjoying some volvox algae

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