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*evil laugh* this was the plan all along obviously, to convince you over time that even diatoms have cilia you just haven't found them yet...
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I asked about motility just for fun. I am apparently working with ciliated organisms????

'twas the best of times, twas the worst of times'...
just kidding, definitely only the best! 😉What a pleasure and privilege it has been to work with you Gaspar! we will definitely miss having you around, but of course the important activities of our will continue!
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We are moving!
More info here:
(please follow there for future updates and for conversation)

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- Just received this pic of the Burgess Shale stem-group annelid Canadia spinosa from @Cambriannelids . Look how beautiful the preservation of this 505 million-year-old fossil is !🤯This specimen even preserves nerves in the head => 10.1126/sciadv.aax5858

Wonder what's synchronizing them - is it coupling through the sofa...?
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In sync.. 😅

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This is a fun one. Using a simple model, we derive a Snell-type law for the scattering of microswimmers (active particles) in fluids with sharp changes in viscosity.

The puzzle that keeps on giving😜 reminds me of when the authors ended with: 'a saying attributed to Alfonso X of Castile, ‘el sabio’: ‘If the Lord Almighty had consulted me before embarking on creation thus, I should have recommended something simpler’.
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WOW! Polycystins on for L-R determination!!!! 🤯🤯🤯

Leftward transfer of a chemosensory polycystin initiates l…

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The little #worms in this movie that you see #crawling about are actually tracks outlining the motion of microscopic #algae. Some move fast and have wormy red (fast!) lines, some move slow and have stumpy blue (slow) lines. I've got nothing on @micromotility, but I absolutely enjoy making movies of algae swimming around and thinking about what is causing them to move a particular way!

#protists #science #fun

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Our paper is published!
How do bacteria swim and interact with obstacles in a narrow space sandwiched between two no-slip boundaries?
We found enhanced hydrodynamic interactions in such a quasi-2D setup.

very interesting question...
I reckon that to qualify as a micro/nanorobot the agent should have something beyond just motility - for example a minimal cognition (loosely defined, e.g. phototaxis), though in the literature the term has been used for much less?!
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I would like to throw out a (controversial?) question over here targeting active matter peers, other field scientists, and also the gener…

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A feast for your eyes 👀

Giant tritons hunt crown-of-thorns starfish, which feed upon & decimate reefs during outbreaks.

Devour our #1⃣ video as we reminisce on highlights during our 50 years of scientific

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As Katharine Birbalsingh steps down as the government social mobility tsar, a thread on girls, physics & the devastating effect of stereotypes.

Girls are not put off physics because of "hard maths" (girls got more top grades than boys in A level maths in 2021 & 2022). Instead,

which is why, sometimes I tell my students to just do the experiment without forming a hypothesis😅 (srsly)
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Unfortunately, one of the first things you learn when doing animal behavior research is that the animals don't care what your hypothesis is.

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“Immotile cilia mechanically sense the direction of fluid flow for left-right determination” published in . We answered the question that "How the embryo senses nodal flow and why only the L-side cilia can respond." Let me guide you! 1/n

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Cilia function as calcium-mediated mechanosensors that instruct left-right asymmetry

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A diatom mural suddenly appeared on the gable end of a house in Galway Cit y. Wonderful.

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Came back into work this morning to find this intriguing Dorito-shaped contamination on one of my soft agar plates (.25% LB agar). Amazing how the cells have formed such an angular structure, although I’ve no idea what it is! @ContamClub

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