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Thrilled to see ctenophores on the cover of
@ScienceMagazine🤩. Our latest work on the Syncytial Nerve Net in a ctenophore out now. Link:
Work supported by @MSarsCentre, @UiB, @ERC_Research. .

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Heard some fantastic talks from the contestants of the Dragon's Den for the first ever LSI Initiative Awards. Congratulations to the successful postdoc teams.

amazing stuff - Olympic rings in the kinetoplasts of !
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🚨Our "Single-Molecule Structure and Topology of Kinetoplast DNA Networks" is now live @PhysRevX!!
Very fun and productive collaboration with @LucaTubiana and @cees_dekker lab.
A short tweetorial for the interested (1/n)

for the people asking I believe (not 100% sure) that it's a type of marine flatworm - parasites of some fish and molluscs... (definitely not hydra!)

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I saw this remarkable creature once too! Couldn't believe my eyes - yes this recording was taken in real time... look at these crazy shape changes - any biophysicists want to come up with a 'mechanism' for how this works??
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Happy to share the result of great team work with Pleasantine @Mill_lab and Søren @t_soren -we hope this review will be useful for the community 😊

Get your applications in! This will be a great meeting - the preliminary programme is now available too
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Only a few days left to submit your abstract for ! 🧬 Join an interdisciplinary community and discuss perspectives on the role of theory in biology, and vice versa 💡

📅 18 – 21…

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Out today. The micropore is an unusual, stable endocytic structure, found throughout apicomplexan parasites and their dinoflagellate relatives, where it is embedded in the complex cell pellicle that these organisms share.

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Why is symmetry relevant to our understanding of complexity? Because broken symmetries pervade emergence and are fundamental to our understanding of evolution. Check this paper by @sfiscience David Krakauer (& @RSocPublishing Theme Issue) @drmichaellevin

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Squids like it bitter! or not
😍 2 studies @Nature show that squids & octopus use cephalopod-specific receptors on their tentacles to taste molecules at the surface of their preys & their environment
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Microscopic can be remotely controlled by unbalancing light projected on two bacterial motors. These can be independently programmed to navigate a route and maybe one day deliver cells in microfluidic chips.

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Focus on the soldiers' helmets and imagine they are particles. The motion looks like a wave. So how or what does this explain about the relationship of the wave, to each particle?


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Look at this amazing sculpture based on microsporidia parasites! Coil and Spring was created by artist Jacky Oliver, is installed in the Living Systems Institute at University of Exeter and funded by a Wellcome Trust Institutional Strategic Support Award (WT105618MA)

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I had a great time at - presenting my work on metachronal coordination, meeting people, and learning all kinds of exciting new physics and biology!

Asked chatGPT to write a poem about , not bad, bit dry... not as crazy as the poem about Volvox written by yours truly, an actual human/non-robotic entity😆 (

everyday is a beautiful day to do science @LSI_Exeter 😎
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It's a beautiful day to do science ⁦@LSI_Exeter⁩

What can theory do for biology? And what can biology do to inspire new theory? How can we go beyond doing theory simply because it can be done, but because it can truly inspire new understanding and new perspectives in biology??

Find out more at our upcoming meeting in July!⬇️
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Looking for a conference to broaden your understanding of the role of theory in biology? 📖 🧬 🐃 Then don't miss out on and submit yo…

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Just saw this and keep wondering - is this common? Different handedness of the flowers? So curious…

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