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Greetings ya'll. I'm a biologist living in Decatur GA. I sit in front of a computer all day, so I'm making a point of paying attention to all of the life around me. Some of it I try to nurture or attract (e.g. butterfly garden), but a lot of it shows up on it's own, or I just pass it by during my day. That's not why I'm here, just something I do (and the meaning of my handle).

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Alright you wonderful, amazingly beautiful people. I'm off to be. Sleep well! Congrats to us for hitting 1000 users on QOTO today. Keep being awesome to each other. I will leave you all with a comic I saw that I think sums up the spirit at perfectly. Remember, you are all worthy of love, no matter what anyone else tells you!

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Hey Instance!

I am a AI/robotics struggling with my master's thesis on noise estimation in high-precision pose estimation. At the same time I am lecturing AI/robotics/embedded systems courses to undergrads.

I'm enthusiastic about table top games (current fav 2p: Legend of the Five Rings; fav co-ops: T.I.M.E and Arkham Horror LCG), and most importantly, cat dad to Niks.

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Follow @MominRasool
At the moment: Beautiful pictures of pakistani mountains.
Thank you!

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one of my favorite animals is the jerboa, a kind of rodent that is well adapted to living in desert environments. they are less than six inches long (excluding tail) and no more than a few ounces.

they are quick and nippy little guys, and jump and run in a zig zag fashion to escape predators. if startled, they can jump up to ten feet in length

they do not live well in captivity, but one day I hope to see one in person. I think they look like mini kangaroos!

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when I went camping with the kids last weekend my 8yr old referred to herself as a poop camel because she doesn't have to go to the bathroom very often......I can't stop thinking about this now

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Wife needed some laminating done for her classroom. At least I can drink beer when helping at home.

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please please please take care of yourself. you are precious and loved! 💖😘😍💋💗😁🤗😇🌹🙏💕♥️😉

@commandelicious You mentioned needing more cats on your Home feed. This is my cat, Murphy, as a kitten. My wife picked out the bowtie. I'll have to find some more recent pics of him.

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Just got sent this by my father in law. He knows me pretty well ❤️ Interesting article 😁

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Tech time - Electrolyte Condensators and easy Repairs saving a lot of money 

(I will write this as if you were stupid, of course none of you are, but I want to communicate this to as many people as possible, with or without previous knowledge)

I learnt to repair electronics (tube TVs and VCR … don’t say anything) in my apprenticeship. Most of that job is now obsolete. Nobody buys an tube TV or let someone repair their old flatscreen. Of course electronics are interesting, but the job demand is down to nearly zero because unlearnt people can switch boards in modern electronics.
But that’s not the topic of this. The topic is: People throw away their flatscreen after 2-4 years without even opening it to see what’s wrong.
In case of modern tech screens, or well, every electronic device really usually one thing happens: In the power supply the electrolyte condensators lose capacity and the power supply won’t work any more.
So I have a Samsung flat screen as a second monitor and in January 2018 it didn’t start up but the power LED was blinking.
Won’t start up usually means “Power supply is broken” but most people won’t know that. But it’s really the only thing that will break because condensators. ;)
Anyway, you can easily google that as well and find the answer in modern search engines. Be aware, that at least one answer (the answer with the most clicks …) was wrong.
What you have to do if a piece of hardware won’t work and you don’t have warranty: Open it up. Don’t be afraid, it’s broken anyway. All you will do is maybe damage some of the plastic.
Then you will have to look for the power supply and find the condensators. These are cylindrical little guys with usually a big white line on it showing MINUS.
At the bottom I will show pictures of a broken one and one intact one.
To repair your device you literally only need a soldering iron and solder, maybe a desolder gun and/or desolder wick.

The pieces I needed to repair my screen were literally ten bucks. Euros that is, so like dollars.
Of course I learnt this for three years but it’s really easy, you can do it. Everyone can do it if bodily able.
Condensators get a bulge on top. The surface has to perfectly flat, otherwise it’s already damaged or will give up soon.
If you check and see if the parts are broken just put the values, volts and capacity, into a trusted traders website or a search engine to find a trader. I ordered my stuff from a local German electronics company of course so I can’t give you any tips there.

If you need a soldering tutorial, check YouTube. Everyone can learn to remove or replace an electronic part in maximum an hour. Again: Don’t be afraid.

A man hour is about 80 euros here, that means it’s about 92 dollars. The parts are usually 20 bucks or less. Companies charge more for the parts as well.

I also will link you my tutorial video for my device to show easy it is and the condensator pieces I mean. Enjoy, repairing stuff is fun and cheap and people throw away too much stuff which is basically perfectly fine.

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"To help some of the newcomers make connections: name 5-7 things that interest you but aren't in your profile, as tags so they are searchable. Then boost this post or repeat its instructions so others know to do the same." 🤘

Thanks for the warm welcome, @freemo

I'm a work at a medical device start up and have been in several different roles across development, hardware design, quality control, regulatory compliance, product management, and international procurement. Went to school for electrical engineering, and have been migrating into more product/project management over the years.

I'm a passionate advocate for public education and STEM/STEAM initiatives. I always enjoy to learn more in this sector and would love to eventually pivot out of medical device into this industry.

I try to always be actively reading 2-3 books, love eating delicious food and trying new beers. New technology excites me and I am always ready to learn new ideas and gain fresh perspectives.

# fountainpen

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