I think sales of may go up today. I started a scheme of work to create a cyber pet in . Took my Tamagotchi Original for Y9 to look at. They were amazed!

@freeschool I think I was looking for groups, hashtags or accounts to follow regarding teaching comps I.

Teaching H446 A level Computer Science. Suprised at just how little they need to know Javascript.
A one hour lesson should do it.

Sunday night - Prepping the old Hogwarts School of Python Programming lesson for tomorrow.๐Ÿ˜ฉ

What do squares of numbers of the form 11...1 look like? 

@hartree had to go straight to calculator to test this! Maths is amazing! I'm going to show my y9 daughter this as she says she doesn't enjoy maths.

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Looking for people to follow in the #retrogaming community? Boost this toot and let's get the gang together.

@uctumi Cool tune! Love the sounds of the SID๐Ÿ˜€

@wmvanstone @bitbybot Indeed it is often inadequate, but we have little choice at the moment. We are in the North York moors, and have a poor connection. I looked at Star Link, but that is way over my meagre budget. We play compromise far more than I would like.๐Ÿ™„

Can hardly believe this is a real news article on the main page of the BBC news website

@bitbybot Thanks for the tip. Actually, Replit was my first choice. It does everything I want it to do and is a great interface. Unfortunately our network couldn't handle it when I had the kids all logging in at the same time. We encountered the spinning wheel of boredom for a disruptive amount of minutes.

Thinking of signing up for the ยฃ3 band of Trinket, to teach year 8 and up coding. I miss Google colab. Is Trinket any good. I am in a Microsoft school and have limited network bandwidth (25 Mb/s shared for the whole school)

Any Computer science teaching areas that might be of interest?

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